Top 5 uses of a Logspan Log Cabin

There are so many ways that a Logspan Log Cabin can be used, a timber building can fitted out for any type of function. Below are a few of the more popular uses.


1. Den / Hobby RoomImage result for Hobby Room

Who wouldn’t want a room in the garden for their use, to relax and enjoy whatever hobby they like. We can construct your Log Cabin to suit your particular needs, higher ridge or eaves height, or more windows to allow as much light in as possible.


2. Garden Room/ Summerhouse Arno2

You’re wanting a summerhouse but not a 12mm thick shed. This is the perfect alternative, all garden houses are made from tough Northern Spruce of either 30 mm or 45 mm timber wall thickness.

These are modern, practical and attractive houses, perfectly suitable for relaxation and recreation.


3. Extra Accommodation / Guest Suite

Our Lodges offer a wide choice of styles suitable for residential, alternative accommodation, or holiday homes. Double glazing is standard on all or Lodges.

Its the great way to add a guest suite to your house without the cost of a house conversion.

4. Garden Office / Home Office

Working from home for some people at least, is the perfect way of life. Out of bed, onto the computer, start work. For some though, separating work and personal life is difficult in this situation and they need their own space, separate to where they live; a home office. Log cabins fit perfectly. A low cost solution for a quality home workspace. Here’s another thing – the monthly rent isn’t too bad; in fact it’s free! Logspan can create any style, fully insulated, interlocking, panel house, whatever best suits your working scenario. High quality, low cost, sustainable working environment at home away from home.

5. Outside living/Al Fresco dining Log Cabin

The term ‘Log Cabin’ is now seen as a fairly generic term for any outdoor timber building. But this doesn’t really do this building justice. Think of the summer evenings spent out under the canopy, relaxing. Its a great focal point in the garden and a good focus of a family evening.

Top 5 Lodge Log Cabin accommodation choices from Logspan

This blog entry is dedicated to our top 5 best selling lodges, I will have to write another blog on our Houses and custom build log cabins. These are suitable to camping parks, glamping businesses or home owners. Just imagine spending the week in your own lodge on the edge of a sea loch or looking down a valley!


I have only included our standard lodge log cabin but we can custom build a timber building to your design. Let us know your specifications and we can quote something to suit.


1. Vesta Lodge


The Vesta Lodge Log Cabin is a luxury log cabin house constructed from superior double (60mm log version) or triple (95mm log version) tongue and groove timber wall logs. The wood used throughout is slow growing Scandinavian Spruce. It has a large living area with cathedral ceiling, galley kitchen, bathroom and bedroom on the ground floor; and has a loft area measuring 20m2 which can be used as another bedroom. Its perfect for a Guest suite or residential Granny flat at the bottom of the garden.

2.Vesta XXL Lodge

The Vesta XXL Lodge Log Cabin is the Vesta’s big brother. Constructed using double (60mm log version) or triple (95mm log version) tongue and groove timber wall boards, it is 2m longer than the Vesta Lodge. The wood used throughout is slow growing Scandinavian Spruce. It has been designed to maximize the number of bedrooms without impacting the living area. There are 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and a large loft area suitable for another bedroom.

3. Laura Lodge Log Cabin

The Laura is the perfect, compact self-contained accommodation unit. With a spacious downstairs available because the sleeping quarters are provided by a loft area, this gives plenty of room for a lounge and a small kitchen and a little toilet. This Laura Chalet is available in 45mm, 60mm & 95mm walls. Windows and doors are all premium grade double glazing units.

4. Cottage Log Cabin

The Cottage Lodge Log Cabin is one of the largest in our log cabin range and gives four rooms of flexible living or working accommodation. The high ceiling gives the log cabin a sense of space and allows for a loft storage area over the shower room.

The Cottage Lodge is completely wind proof, due to using 60mm double or 95mm triple tongue and groove logs and because of the design of the corner joints.  The wood used throughout is slow growing Scandinavian Spruce.

The Cottage has a loft area measuring 6.4 m2 above the toilet suitable for storage or sleeping in. The size of the log cabin makes it suitable for a variety of uses including – a fantastic garden or home office complex, guest suite, a holiday home or permanent house.  The roof and floor timbers are 20mm thick making a very stable cabin, the loft floor timbers are 28mm. As the pictures show the Cottage has plenty of room. This customer put in an Aga which gives character, warmth and comfort in the living area. How would you finish your Cottage Lodge off?

…..5. The Vertical Lodge Log Cabin

We have all fallen in love with the Vertical Lodge Log Cabin. Its still a concept but wow! Its modern look coupled with the idea of living outside is perfect with wanting to get back to nature.


Top 5 Chalet Log Cabin accommodation choices from Logspan

I have kept this blog entry to smaller constructed log cabins that could be suitable to camping parks, glamping businesses or gardens. I will include a further blog for bigger lodges, mobile homes or houses. But there is just too many buildings, sizes and varieties to keep it all to one post.

I have only included our standard log cabins but we can custom build a timber building to your design. Let us know your specifications and we can quote something to suit.


1. Ascot Log Cabin

Probably our most popular large cabin that doesn’t require planning permission, this multi room log cabin has found its place among the most practical solutions to multi use garden rooms. There is room for a double bed, a kitchen and living area and a toilet and shower. This gives you an idea of the room available in the T24 Ascot. It has also been popular as a home office for a small business working from a home property.

2. Finman 11m2 Sleeper Cabin with extensions

The Finman 11 Square Metre Sleeper Cabin is the baby of the Finman sleeper range. It is 4m in diameter and can sleep up to 6 people with our purpose built bunks system. This provides the perfect, cosy retreat with enough room for living space as well. The walls are 45mm (nearly 2”) thick and all windows and doors have full double glazing. Finman Sleepers provide a practical and exciting twist on camping and glamping.

3. Tornio Garden Cabin

Attractive, practical and affordable. The ‘Tornio’ log cabin does a really good job at all three of these descriptions. With full double glazing throughout and 45mm walls as standard, this cabin give the ideal solution for most outbuilding projects.

4. Finman 17m2 Sleeper Cabin with extensions

The Finman 17 Square Metre BBQ Hut is the older brother of the Finman Sleeper range. It is 5m in diameter and can sleep up to 10 people with our purpose built bunks system. This provides the perfect, cosy retreat with enough room for living space as well. The walls are 45mm (nearly 2”) thick and all windows and doors have full double glazing. Finman Sleepers provide a practical and exciting twist on camping and glamping.

5. Insulated Clansman Pod


The Clansman pod has been created in respond to the every growing demand for this shape of building. So we saw what the market was doing and designed our own, fully insulated, double walled, solid timber construction and called it the Clansman Pod! We think it packs a pretty good punch in the glamping market!

What to consider when buying a Log Cabin – The right type of timber

The first blog in a series helping you decide how to find the best Log Cabin supplier.

1. Constructed with the right type of timber

Image result for northern spruceThe type of Tree used

Scandinavian Spruce & Scandinavian Pine are two names given to the same type of tree. The tree is by far the largest and most important variety of all the coniferous, providing more resin, paper pulp and building timber than any other tree family. Evergreen and resinous, the spruce’s thick and scaly bark provides a protective layer around the sapwood and heartwood interior.

Sapwood is the youngest part of the tree and is generally softer due to its conduction of water and fluids. Recognizable by its texture, it is lighter than the inner heartwood, is low in resin content and has very few knots. As the tree grows in diameter, the innermost layers of sapwood become heartwood and new sapwood is produced on the inside of the woody stem.

As a tree increases in age and diameter an inner portion of the sapwood becomes inactive and finally ceases to function, as the cells die. This inert or dead portion is called Heartwood. Its name derives solely from its position and not from any vital importance to the tree. Full of preservation fluids such as resin, the heartwood section is much harder in texture.

The best type of Wood for building a Log Cabin

Related imageThe Heartwood is the best part of the tree for timber used in the manufacture of Log Cabins. The Northern Scandinavian Spruce is grown near the Arctic Circle where the extreme cold reduces growth rates and, this means the wood has a very tight grain and higher density than faster growing varieties.

A good Log Cabin manufacturer will buy timber from several forests with different mills; this allows them to source the best quality timber; although each cabin should be made with wood from the same batch of logs from the same mill.

Good quality wood is inherently stable and does not give rise to the twisting or warping often associated with the inferior woods used in log cabin manufacture these days. In addition to sourcing quality wood, all of the timber should be kiln dried to ensure dimensional stability. High quality wood is expensive. With a very cheap log cabin it is just not possible that it is manufactured from as high a quality of wood that many suppliers would wish to use. It is a fact of life that if the price looks too good to be true then there is usually very good reason why it is so cheap!

Top 5 BBQ Hut Activities


The BBQ Hut is such a sociable location for a great night in, no need for the TV or loud music. Children’s parties are kept out of the house and in the garden, keeping the mess away from your carpets. The noise is reduced by the natural wood insulation. Winter parties are possible, with star gazing between courses, even through the double glazed windows. If the worst happens and the rain comes down, the Bitumen shingles will keep the fun in and the wet out.



Yes, this is naturally in the Top 5. But do you want to just cook your burgers? Or do you want to try some new ideas?

  1. Fish or pork? Try our Finnish recipes to add a little authentic atmosphere to your BBQ evening.
  2. Add a marinade to add depth to your flavours.
  3. Make it a family activity, each family member has to devise and prepare one dish, and if old enough cook it.
  4. One word…….Marshmallows



We are not just talking about having your iPod playing on the BBQ Hut shelf. No we are talking a good sing song with guitar and other optional instruments.  Nothing like the sound of “Wonderwall” or “Sweet Caroline” reverberating from the log walls of the cabin. We have not even mentioned how the height of the BBQ Hut adds to the acoustics.  Next time try it.

Card/Board Games

Ok, hear me out with this one. You are in a naturally relaxing environment, facing each other across a table. If the BBQ is hot, then relax and play a few card games. Just watch if drink and money are involved. We can’t be held responsible!

If the BBQ is off, then fit a Logspan BBQ table over the pit and try a game of Monopoly or Articulate. Or maybe the family game of choice.

Wine/Beer tasting

Ok, there is no greater pleasure than sitting in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoying good company and discussion.  What helps this is enjoying some nice Spanish Red or Bitter….or both.  Whether its two or ten, the warmth and the drink will be flowing.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this, remember this is my top 5 BBQ Hut Activities. What would yours be?