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Top 5 BBQ Hut Activities


The BBQ Hut is such a sociable location for a great night in, no need for the TV or loud music. Children’s parties are kept out of the house and in the garden, keeping the mess away from your carpets. The noise is reduced by the natural wood insulation. Winter parties are possible, with star gazing between courses, even through the double glazed windows. If the worst happens and the rain comes down, the Bitumen shingles will keep the fun in and the wet out.



Yes, this is naturally in the Top 5. But do you want to just cook your burgers? Or do you want to try some new ideas?

  1. Fish or pork? Try our Finnish recipes to add a little authentic atmosphere to your BBQ evening.
  2. Add a marinade to add depth to your flavours.
  3. Make it a family activity, each family member has to devise and prepare one dish, and if old enough cook it.
  4. One word…….Marshmallows



We are not just talking about having your iPod playing on the BBQ Hut shelf. No we are talking a good sing song with guitar and other optional instruments.  Nothing like the sound of “Wonderwall” or “Sweet Caroline” reverberating from the log walls of the cabin. We have not even mentioned how the height of the BBQ Hut adds to the acoustics.  Next time try it.

Card/Board Games

Ok, hear me out with this one. You are in a naturally relaxing environment, facing each other across a table. If the BBQ is hot, then relax and play a few card games. Just watch if drink and money are involved. We can’t be held responsible!

If the BBQ is off, then fit a Logspan BBQ table over the pit and try a game of Monopoly or Articulate. Or maybe the family game of choice.

Wine/Beer tasting

Ok, there is no greater pleasure than sitting in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoying good company and discussion.  What helps this is enjoying some nice Spanish Red or Bitter….or both.  Whether its two or ten, the warmth and the drink will be flowing.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this, remember this is my top 5 BBQ Hut Activities. What would yours be?

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