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Why would I need an extractor fan with my BBQ?

Advantages of the extractor fan;


The Finman BBQ Hut works as advertised without the NEED for a extractor fan. That much is true, But, the benefits of the fan make it a MUST OWN product.


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Pros and Cons


. The constant flow air will make life a whole lot easier when lighting your fire pit.

. The six settings give you more control than ever before and put you in the drivers eat when cooking.

. No more excessive chemicals or intrusive fire starters required. Let the fan do the work for you.

. Lingering odours are repelled upon continued use of the fan

. Acts as fail safe for any dangers faced regarding carbon monoxide – the fan will protect you when in use. ( Still recommend a detector to measure levels to stay on the safe side)

. Gives you the ability to burn REAL dried logs on the grill.

. Kindling, logs, selective timber products, instant burn fire logs, hardwoods like Oak or soft woods like Pine, but be warned that softwoods can spit, they burn fact and they burn hot.

. NEVER BURN, driftwood, pallets, pressure treated wood or magazines.




. The need for a constant energy supply;

. The Finman Extractor fan is low input device that only requires a small amount of electricity to run, only needing the equivalent energy of a standard 60 watt lightbulb. But, it must have a constant flow and must have connection to a supply when using the hut, which can be a challenge  when dealing with outdoor buildings.


Electric to shed



. If you are unable to connect electricity to your snug for whatever reason then your options for power are somewhat limited. Batteries are inefficient as they wouldn’t be powerful enough to perform the task and wouldn’t be able to last for any length for them to be worth while.

. Solar power may be possible solution but that could be an issue for most in the UK as, quite frankly, we don’t get enough direct sunlight to produce enough energy to facilitate the needs. For that, we would recommend you connect to the mains.

Its really mains power supply or bust.


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