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Over a month into ‘Lockdown’ and for those us ‘un-essential’ workers lucky enough to still be employed, we’ve had to up- sticks, and try and re-create our working environment here at home. It really shouldn’t be an issue. You get to relax in the comfort of your own space, no tedious daily commute, no uniforms, all you can eat buffet available 24/7 inside your kitchen, drinks on ice the minute the clock strikes 17.00. If you put it that way,  it sounds a bit like an all inclusive holiday.  Well let me tell you, its not all Piña coladas and sun tan lotion from where we are sitting.

Whether its the constant distractions from needy pets, the kids suddenly waking up early, wanting breakfast and asking to play outside (during a quarantine), or having to spend much more time with our significant others than we ever signed up for. We understand what you are going through. We feel your pain. We are in the same boat.

So that’s where we come in. We want to bring back some structure into your working life and the first part of doing that is getting out of the house. Now, we don’t advocate running away and leaving your family during a world-wide pandemic,  we are only saying that as this situation continues, its going to be harder and harder to establish a work / home life balance while sitting in the living room. So, having your own, private, peaceful work space, separate from the chaos would undoubtedly bring back some normality.

Here at Logspan we have array of unique garden buildings that can be used as studios / crafting rooms / home offices / workshops (as well as garden bars and sitting rooms), but don’t worry, if you don’t find something that feels just right, we will work together with you to design the perfect cabin to suit your garden. Everything from length, depth, the thickness of the timber, door and window size and placement, glazing, height, roof style, single skinned walls or double, floor or roof insulation – you can have complete control and freedom to create the working environment that you need.


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If you like the idea of a unique garden office but don’t where to start, here are some popular examples from our website to help you get the ball rolling.


Insulated Office

Take your chance to escape from the stresses of the home life and retreat into your own, bespoke garden office. Working from home made easy – our fully insulated home offices have the practicability and attention to detail required to engross you into your responsibility, promoting a healthy work / life balance. Let your home become the therapeutic safe space you need, and draw a line in the sand between work and home.


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This isn’t a traditional log cabin. The Lomond’s walls are double skinned – meaning that it is constructed using 88mm Rockwool insulation sandwiched between sets of 20mm  timber cladding, while the floor made with 20mm tongue and groove boards built on top of 50mm styrozone. Another benefit to this style is the modern sloping roof, which has a ridge height of 2.5m, falling within the height restrictions on permitted development, giving nosy neighbours nothing to moan about.




Work from home in comfort and style with the Aldeburgh range. This compact work hub provides a fully insulated, warm environment with plenty of natural light flooding in thanks to the full glass frontage. Constructed much like the Lomond expect these walls are home to THICK 115mm Rockwool giving you a cozy environment to get productive. This is the top of the range. The Aldeburgh comes in four different sizes but like all our cabins, it can be adjusted to suit your space.




Probably our most popular large cabin that doesn’t require planning permission, this multi room log cabin was used as our main base of operations for many years and was more than sufficient for a team of 4 office workers. This should give you an idea of the room available in the T24 Ascot. Open plan living area big enough to host a large spanning desk, ample storage space for personal and business files, books, your own personal W/C ( which can be adjusted to make room for a shower upon request), potential small kitchen area to boot.


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Now, if these most recent times have taught us anything, you don’t have to have multiple employees all working from the same location,  business as we know it changes as the weeks and months go by, this could be your own self haven – a private, all encompassing work space. Once you start your day, you don’t have to leave until you are finished. No distractions, no interruptions, no trips to main bathroom / kitchen. You have everything you need at hand.

Open plan living area big enough to host a large spanning desk, ample storage space for personal and business files, books, your own personal W/C ( which can be adjusted to make room for a shower upon request), potential small kitchen area to boot.

The T24 is also one of the best options for those looking to get into glamping / rentals. With all the amenities covered, you have the potential to see FAST return on your investment, as you could market this cabin towards family’s of 4 as well as couples.



5* service and quality – highly recommend!

After visiting a friend who had bought and moved into a Logspan cabin, I purchased a modified T24 cabin in late 2019 which now sits in our back garden on the Isle of Skye as a guest suite for visiting friends and family, and as a holiday rental on AirBnB. I was pretty indecisive when I first contacted the Logspan team but Conor was incredibly patient with me, talked me through the various options and technical requirements in detail (planning permission, ground prep etc.), re-jigged the design of a cabin to suit my needs and budget, and was just an all-round superstar! When it came to construction, a team of three led by Chris took less than three days to build the cabin. They were friendly, very professional, finished the build on time and didn’t complain once despite having to contend with some of the worst weather we’d had all year! They also were very patient with me and my questions, taking the time to talk me through each stage of the build, and left the site and cabin spotlessly clean and tidy when they’d finished. They worked alongside a local plumber and electrician who also commented on how nice and professional the guys were.
I would highly recommend Logspan, and couldn’t be happier with my cabin 🙂 Thank you Conor and team!

Ellie Harrison - 12 Mar 2020

Everyone who visits us admires it.

Logspan provide a great, hassle-free service at a very reasonable cost. We have been absolutely delighted with our cabin.

John Wilson - 07/11/2017


With so many uncertainty’s out there at the moment, none of us are really sure what life is going to look like 6 months from now, how will social distancing impact the future of the work force, non essential office workers, small business, online workers are hardly going to be the first wave brought back to the work force. So let us take the initiative, set you and your business up for future.

If you are interested in seeing some more examples, visit our Facebook / Instagram page and follow us for news, information and sales updates.




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See how Grillkota Owners have been living life in LOCKDOWN


Thomas W Mitchell 8 10 19

(Photo Credit – Thomas Mitchell)


It is in times like these that we see life through a new lens. We the have to time to evaluate to our lives and find out what makes us happy and what is most important. Family. And spending time together in comfort, having the space to enjoy a summers day while having peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected by the safety net of a beautiful summerhouse or garden building.

So its inspires me to see how some of our friends have made the best of a bad situation and are spending quality time together in their garden bars and kitchens. We may be social distancing and spending time at home but that doesn’t have to be limited to the living room.

Its in times like these that we get to appreciate all the work we do all year round to improve our homes and gardens. Planting flowers / vegetables, building fences and having outbuildings are a satisfying way to indulge ourselves. Just having that warm and comfortable space to sit, relax and breathe in the fresh air, can be all you need to cheer your self up.


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(Photo Credit – Paul Andrew, Clydebank)


Our popular Finman BBQ Huts, have been the center of attention in our online community. People have been loving, lazy nights by the fire and we love to see it.

I especially appreciate the creativity shown by the members that have put in those personal touches, in the way they have decorated their ‘Grillkotas’


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(Photo Credit – Tommy Hutchinson)

Derek Fleming

(Photo Credit – Derek Fleming)


While our members have found solace in their luxurious Finman BBQ Huts,  we have heard from many of our friends that they are having difficulty sourcing, suitable charcoal. Our supermarkets and online sellers have been put against it, in this fight to support a static population, so if does become harder get certain ‘un-essential’ resources, we must make sacrifices on the some of the things we took for granted and get creative , and look for new ways to take advantage of our huts.


(Derek Fleming – Burning Dry Logs on the charcoal grill)

With the use of the Finman Extractor Fan, you are able to burn KILN DRY logs, kindling and smokeless FireLogs on the charcoal grill. The fan gives you ultimate control of the flame – extracting excess smoke, smells and fumes. And its FAST, giving you the extra draw you need to get the fire going, quickly. If it becomes harder to get things like charcoal and certain fire starters then, those that invested in the Fan are seeing that pay off in a big way.


( Photo Credit – Gavin Hollis, BBQ Hut with Extractor Fan)


We all wish that everything would go back to normal, we can see our friends again, visit our family, our parents, but through this, if we take anything away from this then let it be, invest in your self, your home and your space. Home, body and mind. Its a symbiotic relationship, that feeds off one another. Home improvement brings you a clarity and a inner peace that is a proven formula to create happiness. That is life’s most honest luxury.


If you have your own Logspan, cabin, summerhouse / BBQ Hut, then we welcome you to join our online community, we we shared photos, stories, ask questions and get tips on how to look after, decorate and use your hut.


If you are interested in seeing some more examples, visit our Facebook / Instagram page to get inspired.




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