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Say Merry Christmas With These Garden Building Gifts

Are you still struggling with what to buy that special person this Christmas? Let me help with some fantastic present suggestions.

Cooler Tables –From £149

This ultimate Entertaining Cooler Table and ice bucket that does more than just chill! Transform how you entertain with the all-in-one Cooler Table. A true design statement, stand it on your counter-top or patio table for easy access to cold drinks while looking great. If you enjoy barbecues, the chopping board top is made for outdoor food prep so you can spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen. Fill it with ice and your beers and wine, and keep your drinks chilled for 16+ hours.


Large Shark Weathervane£288 or Large Stag Weathervane£274

Take great pride your garden building and compliment with beautiful crafted. Choose a symbol that speaks to you and create the garden of your dreams. Let our weathervanes lead you in the right direction.

A range of small, medium and large sized 3D themed copper and brass weathervanes suitable for small homes, outbuildings, log cabins, BBQ Huts, gazebos, garages, sheds and fence posts. They offer functionality and a statement of style and pride for your property.

The high quality craftsmanship ensures years of maintenance free enjoyment.

Kuksa Wooden Cup –£13

  • Natural eco-friendly wood coffee cups with an ergonomic designed handle and two finger holes.
  • This carved kuksa has a capacity of 250ml, & 150mm x 85mm, so the perfect hiking travel coffee mug.
  • Perfect office drinking water mugs, get back to nature with a bush craft inspired Finnish tea cup.
  • Great gift or even gifts for friends. Love the natural environment & share the perfect coffee cup.
  • Lightweight, durable – perfect survival equipment for everyday wild adventures. Backpack to work.

The Kuksa (or Guksi (Sámi), Kåsa (Swedish)) is a traditional wooden cup originally made by the indigenous people of Lapland, the Sámi. It is inextricably linked to the landscape of the Northern Nordic lands. When you happen across a hiker in the hills of Lapland, be it Sweden, Norway, Finland or Russia, chances are high that they will have a kuksa mug dangling from their pack. 

Needed in the bush in an emergency, or just to drink white wine around the camp fire…or mulled wine, or beer I won’t guide you. Just don’t try cooking an egg in the kitchen with it, that’s not it’s the best use. 

Traditionally, you should either craft & carve your own kuksa, ideally from birch gnarl, or receive it as a gift. So give the gift of the Kuksa to someone you love. Its the perfect tableware present for someone who likes coffee gifts.

The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book –£20

The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book is a call to arms for families to cast aside their notions of barbecues being for summer and embrace year-round al fresco cooking. You don’t need to be a pyromaniac to enjoy the amazing flavour that wood smoke brings to food, you simply need a sense of adventure.

Cooking over a fire doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. You don’t need much in the way of equipment to get started and the results far exceed the effort required. With advice ranging from using tortilla chips to light fires and choosing the location of a fire based upon what will look prettiest and create the most fun, Kathryn Minchew takes a beautiful outdoorsy lifestyle and makes it realistic for families. With simple, pared back recipes this book is as much an ideas book as it is a cookbook. This book is not the answer to cooking over a fire, it is an invitation to join in the game.

Finman BBQ Hut Cushion Sets –From £295

You can relax in comfort with a set of cushions, manufactured to fit perfectly in your Finman BBQ Hut.

Which colour will you choose – Blue, Red, Brown or Grey? Accessorise your cabin with some luxury seating. The cushions are 80mm thick, giving comfort ample padding, so you can sit and enjoy your barbeque for hours.

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