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Logspan is…Making a Better World


We at Logspan want to help make this world better for our children than we found it. Here are five ways that we and our products help make the world a better place…as well as being fantastic quality and value of course.

  1. Using natural products where possible
  2. Being A Carbon Neutral Company
  3. Only using timber from managed forests
  4. Moving to a paperless office
  5. Using a product that has natural insulation build in

1. Using Natural Products

All our buildings are timber based which is one of the few natural building materials. Generally, timber is non-toxic, does not leak chemical vapour into the building and is safe to handle and touch. It also means that as timber ages, it does so naturally.

Timber is a highly durable material. Some well-made wooden structures last for centuries. It is also easy and cheap to maintain compared to other materials, especially if you don’t mind it changing colour over time.

2. A Carbon Neutral Company

Logspan is a carbon neutral company on two fronts.

First as already stated we construct using timber and timber is made from carbon drawn from the atmosphere. This carbon would otherwise be adding to the greenhouse effect. Using timber in buildings stores the carbon for as long as the building stands or the timber is used.

Secondly, have a “One Cabin, One Tree” Promise. For every cabin or BBQ Hut we sell we donate one tree through Trees for Life to offset the carbon produced in transporting the building to the final customer.

We support Trees for Life and their mission to rewild the Scottish Highlands by enabling the restoration of the globally unique Caledonian Forest which once covered much of Scotland.

3. Managed forests

People have been building with timber for thousands of years. Timber is ecological and sustainable and a truly renewable building material.
All our timber comes from managed forests and is sustainably grown, so the timber companies we use have long-standing policies to re-grow more timber than is felled. Sustainable forests are the result of a common-sense policy to replace trees that are felled so that forests continue to exist providing natural materials for us all.

This is a carefully and skilfully managed system. The forest is a working environment, producing wood products such as wood pulp for the paper / card industry and wood based materials for furniture manufacture and the construction industry. Great care is taken to ensure the safety of wildlife and to preserve the natural environment.

4. Moving to a paperless office

We are working towards a paperless office in order to reduce paper waste. As such each time we send a document electronically, instead of printing and using paper, we are doing our bit to be more environmentally sustainable.

5. Natural Insulation

Timber is a natural insulator and can help reduce energy needs when it is used in windows, doors and floors. Wood itself also has naturally thermally insulating properties. Of course, a better insulated home requires less energy to heat and cool, which typically means less fossil fuel use.

Wood also has better insulating properties than steel. Wood’s structure contains minute air pockets, which limit its ability to conduct heat and help to minimise the energy needed for heating and cooling our eco timber houses providing very energy efficient homes.

Wood helps to minimise energy consumption in several ways. Life cycle of a product studies show that timber buildings significantly outperform steel and concrete.

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