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The Benefits of BBQ Cooking

Or…it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a good BBQ, must be in want of NOTHING!

Do you know what time is it? It’s definitely BBQ time…but for us, BBQ season is year-round, not just for summer. Yes, even when it’s a chilly winter day there is a place for barbequing in the dinner or lunch menu. Anyone fancy a Christmas BBQ?

Are you a BBQ fan? You will be soon, read on!

Cooking is never more fun than when using a grill fire. What is your preference? Grilled wings, beef steaks, delicious ribs or smoked chicken, or flame roasted vegetables…. Each with a myriad of seasoning options. There is more inspiration online than you can shack a stick at, before you even get to a BBQ recipe book.

So, you have your food and seasoned it perfectly, what next…now the fun really begins. The communal time gathered round the BBQ. The time we spend chatting and laughing with our friends and family while cooking those steaks or vegan burgers. Just please don’t burn the sausages!

Gas vs Charcoal

The debate has long been going on…gas or a charcoal. Choosing the type of fuel for your BBQ is a tough decision, but a decision that affects the foods quality, taste, and flavour.

Really the decision is speed vs flavour. Does there need to be the instant flames of the gas BBQ or is the heavenly taste of a charcoal flame BBQ worth that extra time to wait for the heat.

Fantastic Mr BBQ

The Benefits of barbecuing…especially with charcoal

  • Cooking Heat

As charcoal grill produces more heat and there is no maximum temperature, that means you can crank it up to as hot as you need, within certain limits, of course. Sear that juice into the steak!

  • Versatile

A charcoal BBQ is versatile and multi-purpose. Charcoal produces both direct infrared and indirect heat. Depending on the grill style and design you are using, you can grill, smoke, and sear your food or however your heart desires.

  • Incredible Flavor

When using direct heat on a charcoal BBQ, the food drippings instantly vaporize into a wonderful smoky flavour.

  • Juicier Meats

Charcoal placed below food cooks it using infrared heat, which results in less moisture loss when compared with other types of heat transfer. Yes, juicy chicken, not dry chicken!

  • Lower fat consumption

Unlike kitchen cooking with pans, BBQ grilling dissolves excess fats from your food, maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

  • Nutrient-Rich

The flavour of barbecued meat is undoubtedly the main reason we grill our meals in the summertime. But did you know…cooking meat on a BBQ grill can preserve essential vitamins. Yes there are health benefits to BBQ’s!

  • Outside Fun

Barbequing comes with the opportunity of outdoor fun with friends and family making us make the best of the day.

BBQ Huts…the reason and the answer!

BBQ is the best outdoor food activity. Nothing can interrupt your BBQ experience…unless it rains. Which is quite a high probability, in the UK. For protecting your BBQ fun, a BBQ Hut is available for you to keep enjoying your BBQ no matter what the weather. So, what are you waiting for then! Order a BBQ hut, clean that grill, lay some charcoal, and go, get that steak…other food stuffs are available.

Your Log Cabin has just been built. 28 days later…


Your timber building is made of a natural material which will move and contract. Changes can occur in the height of the individual logs depending on their moisture content, which may vary from season to season. These changes are completely normal and have been allowed for in the cabin design.

Inhibiting the natural movement of the cabin is when problems can occur. If fixtures are to be attached to the cabin walls, then it is essential to bear in mind that the timber building will move and these movements do not want to be prevented. Potential issues are listed below:

  • Splits in the logs—this will normally be caused by logs being held together
  • Gaps appearing where logs have been held—normally by an item being screwed to the logs
  • Moisture entering through gaps and splits

When attaching furniture or equipment to the cabin walls care must be taken to allow for natural movement. If this movement is ignored, and furniture or equipment is incorrectly fitted, gaps may appear in the wall or damage can be caused to the furniture or equipment.

If you wish to fit shelves or furniture to your cabin there is a correct way to accomplish this by fitting expansion slats and fixing the furniture to the expansion slat.

NOTE: In the first month or so after being erected your timber building will settle quite a bit, it is best to leave it for a few weeks before adding brackets and securing fixings. Within the first year the cabin will move the most as the wood needs to settle a little more. Year two will be a little less. Years three and onwards the movement is hugely reduced. Remember the most important thing with a timber building is to properly treat it. Proper treatment will greatly reduce the natural contraction and expansion and reduce it to a minimum.


The very simple principle here is that we have one fixed hole at the top and slots in the middle and end (depending on the length). The top hole is screwed tight and using a washer the slot fixings are not tightened fully so allowing the logs to move behind the bracket. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1


You will see from the diagram (Figure 2) that we are fixing the shelves to the expansion slot and not to the logs. For heavier duty uses you may want a thicker slat and you may want to bolt it fully through the timber building wall.

Figure 2