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Awesome Pro Tips for Incredible Charcoal BBQ Hut Grilling

Grilling is more than cooking; it’s an art form. It’s tons of fun too! Especially when cooking over direct heat. Cooking over burning embers is so primal it connects you with the ‘leader of the pack’ within you.  So below are some awesome pro tips that will make you the BBQ Hut leader that everyone wants to follow.

Cooking meat, chicken, sausages, veggies and even cheese in a charcoal grill is more than a meal; it’s a culinary experience. One you want to share with your friends and family as often as you can. The problem is, the weather is often a problem, especially in the UK where sunny days are everything but business as usual.

BBQ Hut Finman

The good news? You can get yourself a BBQ hut and grill your way through the meanest of storms. That’s taking barbecuing to the next level, and to further enhance your grilling game, here are some pro tips for perfect charcoal BBQ grilling.

1. Get The BBQ Charcoal Red Hot

Use a chimney coal starter to get those coals glowing. Successful barbecuing is all about steady temperatures, and for that, you must start with light-up coal. Get that charcoal red hot before setting up your grill, and you won’t have a problem giving your steaks that fantastic, charred crust. 

BBQ Hut Finman 2

2. Set Up Temperature Zones in the BBQ Hut Grill

Not all foods are meant to be grilled at the same temperature, not even meat. You want to set a hot and a cold zone in your grill — one to sear the meat and the other to let it achieve the correct inner temperature. Veggies prefer to be grilled on the cool side, too, while starchier, hard-to-cook foods like potatoes and yams will need the extra heat of the grill’s more intense side. 

3. Use a Meat Thermometer

We know there’s nothing like eyeballing your steaks, but even the most seasoned pros use a thermometer. Follow this chart for perfectly cooked steaks every time.

Medium Rare 54-57 °C

Medium 57-63 °C

Well 63-68 °C

Well Done 68-74 °C

4. Don’t Over-flip!

Don’t over-flip your meat, or any other food for that matter. Flipping a steak once should be more than enough. Actually, you might want to let that steak stick to the grill; it’s no biggie — it will unstick on its own when it’s ready to be flipped. 

5. Side Dishes Matter

No matter how good your charcoal-grilled meat ends up, it’s just half the story. Toss a green salad, grill some asparagus, make guacamole and serve some artisan bread loaves to complement your grilled extravaganza. A grilling party should be an authentic fest, and that means lots of sides and sauces. 

6. Get Creative with Those Marinades and Rubs

We all love the taste of perfectly charcoal-grilled meat; can you taste it in your mind? That doesn’t mean we can’t get creative. Marinating the meat, even if it’s for a few minutes, can make the difference. 

Combine olive oil, lemon juice, and your favorite herbs and spices to infuse the meat with the most exciting flavors. Dry rubs are fun too, massage the meat with anything from freshly cracked black pepper to exotic Cajun spices to give it a spicy personality. 

Become a BBQ Hut Grill Master

The tips above might help you level up your grilling game, but grilling is also about finding your own path to greatness. It doesn’t matter how you like to grill but get grillin’! And don’t let the rain stop you; make use of your garden and set up a BBQ hut. Don’t let the weather tell you if you can come out and play, that’s what pros do!

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