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The Top 10 Wellness Reasons to Have a Room in your Garden

Connection to the world around is said to have many benefits, both mentally and physically. Creating your own garden room is a great way to dedicate a space yourself. It helps you to escape and connect to nature too. You can form deeper bonds while you work with family to grow beautiful plants and flowers. Below are 10 top wellness reasons why you should invest in a garden room

1. It’s a form of escapism

It’s no secret that life can be incredibly overwhelming sometimes, especially if you add the anxiety and stress the pandemic has brought to our lives. Having your own garden room grants you a form of escapism to a place where there’s only peace. An area to call your own when things get messy and the only thing that’s expected of you is rest and relaxation. 

2. It gives you responsibility

Whether you’re planting flowers or food, taking care of plants or vegetables means that you have a purpose. You have to show up for your garden and work hard to keep it healthy and living. It also adds a task on your to-do list that you’ll be excited to do. Having a log cabin will allow your to complete these tasks under cover!

3. It inspires healthier eating

If you’re planning your own food, odds are you’re going to want to taste it. As soon as you realize you can plant and grow so many of your favorite fruits and veggies, it’ll be easier going outside to your garden and picking your food from the ground rather than driving to the shops and spending money on the same food. 

4. It helps you build strength & maintain your weight

Gardening is classified as a low to moderate form of exercise. Garden work and gardening triggers most muscle groups and has a positive effect on the body if you’re consistently working in your garden. 

5. It can protect your memory

New evidence shows that activities like gardening can potentially work to treat dementia and work to protect your memory as you get older. Through several studies, scientists suggest that gardening may spur growth in certain areas of your brain’s nerves that work with your memory. 

6. Garden rooms are mood boosters

Stepping away from stress and into a quiet environment like your garden room can instantly boost your mood, take away stress, and relieve anxiety. Being in your garden around fresh vegetation and nature is one of the top suggested activities to do for people experiencing high stress levels and abnormal pressure from their work and home life. 

7. You can count it as a form of meditation

Meditation has been keyed by scientists as one of the best practices you can take up for relieving unnecessary anxiety. It’s all about quieting your mind and focusing on the present moment. If you struggle with sitting still and emptying your mind, building yourself a log cabin in your garden that allows you to focus on what’s at hand without outside distractions is the perfect way to customize meditation for your specific needs. 

8. It lowers blood pressure

It all comes down to stress and anxiety levels. Not that people who garden won’t ever experience heart issues, but with more evidence backing up the claim that spending time around flowers and plants can relax you and lower your blood pressure, it’s a good idea to invest in a space like a garden room.

9. It provides you with extra space and privacy

Everyone deserves a corner with a log cabin all their own. A space where they can decorate as they like and go in and out of whenever they need that break. It can be difficult to find the time to relax and withdraw from daily tasks and errands. But when you do, you usually feel more at ease and a little lighter. Having a private place where stress melts away and you can be with yourself is definitely a form of self-care, which everyone needs at the moment. 

10. It gives you the chance to be creative

If you hire a company to build a garden room for you, you’re free to design it any way you would like. You have freedom in creating the perfect garden room look and vibe and it’s a chance for you to get those creative juices flowing. You can also find unique home décor and create your perfect oasis inside as well as outside. One that inspires you and makes you feel calm and content. You’re free to play with colors, designs, and the style of your garden room. 

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