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How to have a successful Barbecue Party?

Take advantage of the return of the lovely weather and the lengthening days to organise a BBQ Hut party with friends. We give you some tips to have a good time: friendly and especially greedy! Get your Barbecue light!

Our advice for a good BBQ Hut Party:

Get organised

A Barbecue Hut Party must be organised a little in advance. 
Prepare a maximum of things in advance to be able to enjoy the evening and the guests. Arrange the meats in a dish and keep them in the refrigerator, cut the vegetables to be grilled, the spices and the utensils… Set up the barbecue (fire starter, charcoal, grill, …). Prepare the skewers. Store the drinks in a cool place and set the table. Don’t forget to prepare a small aperitif to keep your guests waiting, and if it starts raining…who cares!

Prepare the barbecue 

The fire should be lit at least 45 minutes in advance so that the embers are perfect and there are no toxic flames.
Don’t forget safety: bring a bucket of water or a hose to put out the fire in case of fire.

The 5 mistakes not to make

  1. Too many flames: flames char food and produce toxic substances. The food is black and has a bitter taste. Avoid it! Choose the two-zone fire technique: a hot part with a lot of coals to sear the meat and apart with fewer coals for gentler cooking.
  2. Test the cooking by cutting the meat. The meat loses all its juice and becomes dry. Invest in a good meat thermometer for perfect cooking.
  3. Wet the coals to avoid flames. Water only creates steam which then gives an acrid taste to the food. To calm the flames use a handful of coarse salt (or a little sugar to reactivate the embers).
  4. Do not extinguish the barbecue with water. To extinguish the barbecue quickly, throw sand on the embers. If you are not in a hurry, let the fire go out by itself.
  5. Cooking on a dirty grill. Cleaning is imperative to avoid cooking (and therefore eating) food residues. For this, two techniques: cleaning with hot soapy water and a wire brush; or the combustion process, leaving the empty grill on the fire to remove the residue, then a quick swipe with a wire brush.

Get the right equipment

While the right type of lumpwood charcoal is necessary, it is not enough. You should also bring a few accessories: a large fork and tongs, useful for catching food, and a large knife. Equip yourself like a chef: the essential cook’s apron and a pair of cooking gloves. Remember to keep a clean, empty dish nearby to clear and serve cooked food.

Marinades and sauces

For meats that are more melting and moist, don’t hesitate to marinate them a few hours before cooking. The base is olive oil you can then add lemon, honey, or yogurt. You can try coca-cola, maple syrup, or apple juice. For the fish, be careful not to leave it too long in a lemon marinade because the acidity of the lemon “burns” the flesh of the fish (30 minutes maximum). 
If you want to add sauce (barbecue sauce type for example), add it only during the last 5 minutes of cooking with a brush and let it penetrate the meat over low heat.


The food should be on a clean grill 15/20 cm from the coals.
Sear red meats on very red embers and salt the meat only once on the plate, otherwise, you will dry it out.
White meats, fish, and vegetables are cooked on a lower heat and for a longer time.
Apart from the “classic” sausages, you can offer your guests other things: hamburger, chicken wings, sardines, shrimps, camembert or feta cheese, and for dessert a fruit or marshmallow skewer, banana or pineapple spit.

Time to get your BBQ on!

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