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How a garden office is guaranteed to make you more productive

It’s been over a year since many of us traded in our corporate offices to work from home. Despite this being an unprecedented change that none of us could have planned for, we somehow managed to adapt to this new way of life.

After over a year of working from home, many businesses are announcing offices are a thing of the past.  What was once a temporary solution is now a permanent fixture in our lives and careers. We might have fared well working from the sofa when we knew it wouldn’t be forever, but now it’s looking like we should probably invest in a permanent home office.

Have you ever thought of taking your office outside? We’re sharing how a garden office can give you that work-life balance you crave and increase your productivity.

The daily commute

You never thought you’d see the day when you’d be pinning for the daily commute, did you? I know I didn’t. But I’ll admit it. There’s something about leaving your house and journeying to work that sets you up for the day.

As someone who works from home, I decided to implement a daily commute to help get me in the working mindset. Rather than dragging my half-asleep body from my bed to my desk, I travel out to the garden. At the back of the garden is a log cabin I’ve converted into a home office. Now, I walk from my house, out into the garden and know I’m stepping into a productive, work-orientated space.

Away from distractions

Even as I’m typing this now, I can feel my hand reaching for the mobile phone to my right. And it’s not just the phone I’m constantly battling with. The television, bookcase, record player are all bargaining for my attention when I work inside the house. When creating my log cabin office, I made sure there were minimal distractions. All the items inside my garden office are tailored towards work and remind me what I’m there to do. And yes, the mobile phone stays inside the house at all times!

Discovering solitude

As much as I love having the extra time to spend with my family, all of us working from home doesn’t contribute to a productive working environment. Having an office in the garden means we don’t have to work on top of each other. After my morning coffee with my mum, I head out to the log cabin to start my day whilst she works from the kitchen table. We meet up for lunch for a break and some much-needed social interaction and carry on working separately during the afternoon. Working alone means I don’t waste hours chatting, so I can get my work done quicker and end the day sooner.

There’s nothing better for the body and mind than fresh air. After over a year stuck inside, I’m desperate to get outside at any opportunity. By working from home in my garden log cabin, I can enjoy the outside whilst still completing my work. I’ve found setting physical boundaries has facilitated the mental distinctions I’ve been trying to implement whilst working from home. If you’re struggling to keep your productivity levels up, try changing your surroundings. Head outside and discover how a garden office can make you more productive.

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