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How a log cabin can upgrade your summer garden

When the warm weather rolls around, heading out into the garden is our first instinct. There’s nothing like getting to enjoy those much-anticipated sun rays from the comfort of your own home. However, equally, there’s nothing quite as disheartening as feeling like you’re not making the most out of your garden. Blowing open those conservatory doors to see an uninspiring expanse of green grass and brown shingle doesn’t conjure up images of fun-loving summers filled with adventure. It feels like something is missing. And that something is a summer house.

A summer house can upgrade your garden, so you can have the summer of fun you’ve been dreaming of all year.

Enjoy your garden in bad weather

Those of us in the UK are cursed with infamously unpredictable weather. One minute it’s blistering heat and sunglasses, and the next it’s rainstorms and thunder and lightning. The majority of Brits don’t get to enjoy their gardens more than a few times each year.

Having a log cabin means you can sit in your garden and take in the surroundings, rain or shine. Install heating in your log cabin and decorate it the same way you would your home. You’ll be able to appreciate your beautiful garden from the warmth and comfort of your summer house.

Use the space as guest accommodation

Summer is the season for late evenings with close friends and fun-packed days with the family. Making your guests sleep on the worn-out futon isn’t the luxury overnight experience you want to give them. Instead, transform your log cabin into a tranquil overnight guest room. Decorate your summer house to look like an extension of your home (without having to pay the price for an actual extension). Your guests will thank you for the privacy, and you get to say goodbye to that ugly futon that’s taking up space.

Upgrade your annual BBQ

Something always goes wrong at the annual BBQ. Either it’s pouring down with rain, and the sausages get soaked, or it’s too hot, and the flies won’t leave the punch bowl alone. Instead of exposing your freshly cooked food to the elements, keep everything fresh and concealed inside your log cabin or use a BBQ Hut. Not only is your log cabin the ideal location to sit in if the weather takes a turn, but it’s the perfect place to store your food and drinks during the summer BBQ. Set up a buffet table full of luscious food and let your guests help themselves. Just make sure they shut the door on the way out to stop the dog from getting his paws on those delicious burgers!

Adding a summer house to your garden can transform your summer. Instead of planning around the weather, you can enjoy a carefree summer the way you want to. Don’t be like millions of other Brits who are losing out on the joys of a summer spent outside. Upgrade your garden and summer experience with a summer house.

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