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Glamping versus camping: what’s the difference?

The staycation is rapidly becoming this season’s must-have to getaway. If you’re considering a trip away in the next few months, you’re likely prioritising finding somewhere relaxing on the British Isles rather than jetting off someplace exotic. And if we’re honest, we don’t blame you! A holiday not too far from home is sometimes exactly what you need. The question is, will you be glamping or camping?

In this post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about glamping and camping so you can have the perfect trip away. 

What is camping?

Camping has been around for centuries. The popular outdoor activity involves spending the night in a tent or shelter out in nature. Traditionally, campers enjoy reconnecting with the natural world, taking a break from technology and finding entertainment in the land that surrounds them. Dedicated campers might go as far as to limit their modern-day supplies and equipment and test their survival in the wilderness. In contrast, holiday campers are likely to equip themselves with necessary modern camping gear and enjoy a night under the stars, listening to the sounds of nature. 

It usually involves the purchasing of all the necessary kit, transporting it to the site. Then erecting and dismantling the tent.

What is glamping?

Glamping is an upgraded version of camping. Whilst glamping also takes place outside, in reclusive areas, glampers appreciate a more luxurious experience.

Glampers enjoy better amenities, such as private bathrooms, air conditioning, high-quality foods and modern entertainment. A glamping trip ties together the treats of luxury accommodation with the outdoors element of camping. Rather than staying in a pop-up tent or make-do shelter, glampers enjoy well-built log cabins, retreats and bunkhouses. These, sometimes rustic, timber buildings allow you to escape the real world, without having to sacrifice your day-to-day necessities.

Where can I go camping?

In the UK, you can go camping on designated campsites. Although it might be tempting to head out into the wilderness, this is extremely dangerous for novices and can be illegal. Lots of open land around the country is privately owned, so camping here without permission is considered trespassing. In addition to this, camping in unknown areas puts you at risk. When going camping, you should always inform family and friends of where you’re heading. 

Also consider what type of insects or wild animals would live where you are camping, midges in Scotland can make your skin itch…while a Bear in Canada can be a little more dangerous.

Where can I go glamping?

Similar to camping, there are designated glamping sites around the country. A quick look at a Glamping Site Map or a Google search can help you find the ideal glamping experience for you. If you’re a regular glamper, you might be considering building your own glamping property. Building a log cabinretreat or bunkhouse cabin on your land means you can get out of the house and go glamping whenever you fancy.

What’s better, glamping or camping?

Whether you prefer glamping or camping is up to the individual. Some might enjoy a night out in the wild, snuggled into a sleeping bag. Others might value easy-access amenities and a taste of luxury. Lot’s of regular campers transition between glamping and camping throughout the year. Their summer holidays might be out in the wilderness, whilst their winter get-away involves a cosy log cabin.Camping and glamping are both incredible ways to enjoy being in nature and take a break from everyday life.

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