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How to use your summerhouse during the cold months

Despite the misleading title, summerhouses are ideal for outdoor activities all year round. Having a summerhouse or log cabin in your garden means you can enjoy the outdoors, even when the sun isn’t shining. In this post, we’re sharing five ways you can use your summerhouse during the cold months, so you know you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Invite friends round for dinner

If you’re bored with staring at the same four walls and well-worn table cloth, why not create an impromptu restaurant outside? Transition your summerhouse into a private restaurant. Invite your close friends to your house for a meal under the stars. Adding heating to your log cabin or summerhouse will encourage you to utilise it for activities like this during the colder months. If you’re still concerned about it being a little chilly for your guests, furnish your restaurant with tartan blankets and add candles to enhance the atmosphere.

Create a winter get-away

Winter is the season we hibernate in our homes. But what about when that sudden urge for a holiday arises? If you get restless during the short days and dark nights, treat yourself to a night away. Turn your summerhouse into a winter wonderland for the ideal glamping experience. Add soft textures and calming lights to create your winter sanctuary. Sometimes a few nights in new surroundings is what we need to refresh the senses. 

Set up a cinema

Create the ultimate at-home cinema experience by adding a projector to your summerhouse. Everyone dreams of a private cinema, showing their favourite films and accompanied by their closest friends. With a summerhouse, you can live the film lover’s dream. Throw cushions and bean bags on the floor and hang fairy lights around the room to create the ultimate aesthetic, cinematic experience. 


It might be the most boring option on the list, but it’s by far the most practical! If you’ve got a full nest this Christmas, you’re going to need space for storage. Whether it’s relatives visiting from out of town or children returning from university with piles of laundry, having extra space is always helpful. This Christmas, you can keep your home clutter-free and dedicated to the festivities. Store any luggage or not needed items in your summer house.

Make the most out of your home office

It’s January. The rain is lashing down outside, and all you want to do is snuggle up under your duvet. But it’s the new year, and you know you want to make the most out of new opportunities! Instead of hiding yourself away, you decide to head out to your summerhouse office and get started on that project you’ve always wanted to do. The atmosphere is ideal for concentrating. Everyone is keeping themselves tucked up inside and there’s nowhere to go in such bad weather— you’re distraction-free and ready to make the most out of the new year. Having a home office in your summerhouse is ideal for fostering productivity. A summer house or log cabin isn’t just for the summer. You can make the most out of having extra space all year round. Whether you’re using this space for fun or practicality is up to you!

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