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How to decorate your outdoor space for Christmas

Are you someone who neglects their outdoor space as soon as the cold weather hits? During the summer, are you outside soaking up rays and enjoying BBQ’s beside your summer house? But as soon as winter hits, you lock the doors, shut the BBQ in the shed and rush inside. You’re not the only one. The majority of us living in colder climates fail to make the most out of our outdoor space during the winter. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this blog post, we’re sharing six ways to decorate your outdoor space at Christmas.

Add fairy lights to your foliage

Illuminate your outside space with fairy lights on your trees and bushes. The Christmas tree inside your house doesn’t have to be the only one. Make the most out of the natural beauty you have outside too.

Sprinkle snow

If you’re in a location that doesn’t get much snow, why not create your own? Use spray snow on the windows of your house or log cabin, or lay sheets of snow outside on the floor. Just make sure you’re not endangering any local wildlife!

Decorate your door

There’s no better decoration than a classic Christmas wreath. Pick up a winter wreath from your local decoration store, or create your own using twigs and ribbon. Placing a wreath on your backdoor or entrance to your log cabin instantly makes it feel more festive.

Create a decorative porch

Take your wreath one step further and decorate the porch to match. Pick a colour combination, such as red and green or just have fun hanging any spare Christmas decorations you can find. Here are a few staples every festive porch should have:

  • A log burner or fire pit
  • Blanket for keeping warm
  • Wooden chairs
  • Fairy lights
  • Mini (of full-sized!) Christmas trees
  • Pine cones

Turn your log cabin into a winter wonderland

If you have an outdoor extension, why not transition this into a winter wonderland? Whether it’s an exciting place for the kids to enjoy or somewhere to snuggle up and read, a log cabin is ideal for making the most out of winter. Add blankets, candles and cushions to make the space cosier. Or decorate with stuffed snowmen, reindeer and Santa Claus to create a fun Christmas themed spot for your children.

Create a light display

Bright and bold light displays aren’t just for the movies. Adding Christmas themed lights and ornaments can make you feel more festive and entertain the neighbours. Whether you decide to stick with simple fairy lights or go all-out with a light-up, true to size reindeer is up to you!

Enjoying your outdoor environment isn’t reserved for the warmer seasons. Make the most out of the most magical time of the year and decorate your garden, porch and log cabin for Christmas. Keep things classy and casual with a string of warm fairy lights or go all-out and create your own winter wonderland. The decorating opportunities are endless!

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