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What Is A BBQ Hut?

Are you fed up with the weather ruining your summer plans? With a BBQ hut, you never have to worry about unpredictable weather again.

BBQs are a staple summer tradition in the UK. As soon as the sun starts shining, people begin planning BBQs with family and friends. And who can blame them? There’s nothing like crisp cooked corn or succulent burgers straight off the barbie and enjoyed in the sun. It’s even better if there’s a pint of cider or speciality cocktail thrown in the mix. Just thinking about it is causing me to crave summer.

However, I’ve also been subject to a few disappointing BBQ dates. After two weeks in the calendar, the unpredictable British weather decides to open the heavens and unleash lashings of unforecast rain. As a result, we stood around the kitchen table, solemnly waiting for twenty burgers to cook in the oven. Or, even worse, we’ve cancelled plans altogether. It’s in these moments I wish we had a BBQ hut.

What is a Barbecue hut?

A BBQ hut is a wooden hut designed for having BBQs in. At the centre of the hut is a grill, and around the outside are benches. Depending on the size of your BBQ hut, you might have plenty of room to entertain, or you might have to ask people to perch around the grill. When purchasing your BBQ hut, the manufacturer will tell you how many people can fit in your hut.

For an example of a twelve-person hut, click here. And to view a thirty-five-person hut, click here.

BBQ huts are a Scandinavian tradition and are used throughout the year in Finland. If the snow is passable in skis or snow shoes then the BBQ Hut will be used. At the top of the hut is a chimney to let the smoke from the grill through.

Why do I need a BBQ hut?

If you want to stop worrying about bad weather ruining your plans, you need a Barbeque hut. Having a BBQ hut provides you with somewhere warm and dry to cook delicious food and accommodate your guests. Not only is a BBQ hut ideal for summer, but you can enjoy eating somewhere new in the winter too. If you’re bored with sitting at the dining room table, why not enjoy a delicious meal around the grill with a glass of wine and a blanket on your knee?

Ordering your perfect BBQ hut

As with all outdoor spaces, personal preference dictates which BBQ is right for you. If you have a small family and a close group of friends, you might prefer a smaller BBQ hut, leaving you more space in your garden to enjoy the outdoors (when the nice weather sticks around!) Alternatively, you might be looking for an outdoor area that doubles up as an extra room. With a large BBQ hut, you can use the excess space. Pack away the grill and pull out a futon when you have guests. Or add a comfortable chair and a few of your favourite books to create a reading knock.

Before deciding on your BBQ hut, consider what purpose it’s going to serve in your family’s life. Alongside its function, you need to decide on the design of your hut. What colour roof shingles will you have? Do you have a preferred wood? And how will you decorate the inside? These are all questions to ask yourself before ordering your BBQ hut.

Having a BBQ hut transforms your social life and your garden! Say no to British weather ruining your fun, and enjoy year-round BBQs and celebrations with your loved ones in your BBQ hut!

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