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8 Interior Ideas For Your New Summer House

There are hundreds of ways to decorate your new summerhouse/log cabin. You can tie in your new outdoor space with the rest of your home or have it stand alone as a unique and quirky room. Either way, deciding how to decorate your summer house is a big decision, and you might not know where to start. To help you create the outdoor space of your dreams, we’re sharing eight ways to decorate your summer house.

Beach hut

If you live in a seaside town or simply have an affinity for the ocean, turn your summer house into a beach hut. Add a lick of pale blue paint and some beach chairs as your interior staples.

Take your beach theme one step further and set up a blow-up swimming pool outside your summerhouse or a sandpit for the children to enjoy.

Outdoor bar

Invite your friends round for a round of drinks without the rowdiness or price tag of the pub. Setting up a home bar in your summer house is ideal for those that love to socialise. Stock up on your friends favourite drinks, stock the freezer with ice, and don’t forget the packets of peanuts!

Zen Space

We all need somewhere to relax, and a summer house is a perfect location to do so. Create your Zen paradise at the end of your garden. Keep your decor simple and use your summer house as a studio for meditation or yoga.

Children’s/Teenager’s space

As our children grow, they start to need their own space. Unfortunately, your family home might not accommodate their needs. Or, you might feel like they’d benefit from a designated space of their own. Transform your summer house into an area for your children or teenagers to explore their independence.

 Bring the outdoors in

Plants and flowers are one of the most popular interior trends. Transform your summer house into a beautiful natural space with a mixture of vibrant blooming flowers and rich, luscious foliage.


Take inspiration from traditional prints and furnishings. Keep your decor classy and timeless with complementary colour schemes and matching furniture. A traditional summer house is practical, comfortable and will stand the test of time. 


If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, you might decide to use more contemporary interiors. Contemporary designs have subtle features without any fuss or frills. If you like your space to feel clean and simple, you’ll enjoy a contemporary summer house.


Fill your summer house with everything you love and make it the perfect she-shed. If you love pink and florals, why not run with this and create an ultra-girly outdoor space? Or if you prefer something more simple but suitable for enjoying your hobbies, keep the interiors basic yet practical. Create your dream space inside your summer house.

When it comes to summer house interiors and functions, the opportunities are endless. You might want to try several of the styles on this list, and you can! Create a hybrid beach hut and bar, or spend a few months enjoying your traditional space before upgrading it to something more modern. Have fun exploring the possibilities of your added outdoor space and make the most out of the extra room!

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