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Log Cabin Winter Office Essentials

There’s nothing worse than sitting at the office freezing. Numb fingertips and chattering teeth aren’t conducive to a productive workspace, nor is it an enjoyable experience. When you’re working, you want your focus to be on the task at hand, not when you can make another cup of tea or if working from the sofa would have been a better idea.

Working from home is a privilege. Rather than enduring the treacherous journey to work in the cold, you can stay comfortable in your outdoor log cabin office. Just a few short steps from your home comforts, the commute is a breeze! But that doesn’t stop the winter chills from creeping in. To help you stay cosy and focused in your log cabin home office, we’ve put together a list of winter garden office essentials. Make sure you’ve got these in your log cabin before heading out into the garden for your day at work.


The number one thing your log cabin needs to make it a functional winter office is electricity. Not only do you need electricity for your winter essentials, but it’s more than likely you need it to complete your work too. An extension lead into the kitchen might have worked for a few glorious months of summer, but it’s not practical or realistic during the rainy and snowy months. When you have your log cabin installed, make sure to add electricity. If you’ve got an existing log cabin without electricity, don’t worry. A trained electrician will be able to install a running electricity supply for a small fee.


Similarly, if you don’t have heating in your log cabin office, you can hire a trained professional to instal heating. Some might decide not to instal heating and use a portable electric heater to warm their office. Gas-powered heating is a more long-term solution. However, it’s up to you how you choose to heat your log cabin. As long as it’s warm enough, you’ll be able to get on with your work!

Coffee machine/Kettle

Whether we’re at home or in the office, a hot beverage is the number one thing we crave when we’re cold. Instead of dashing to the kitchen every time your inevitable thirst for a warm drink hits, have a coffee machine or kettle in the office. Running between the main house and your log cabin can disrupt workflow. Eliminate potential distractions and have your beverage of choice readily available in your outside office. After all, there’s nothing like a cup of hot coffee on a cold morning!

Scarf and Slippers

No matter how powerful our heating supply is, those pesky chills can still creep in. Usually, our necks and ankles are the first to feel a chill in the air. Avoid unwanted shivers and make sure you always have a scarf and comfy pair of slippers around.

As the nights get longer and darkness eclipses most of the day, sitting in the office feels like the last thing we want to do. Having a home office makes working in the winter easier. With these three essentials, you’ll find working in your log cabin is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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