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4 Features To Consider When Designing Your Bespoke Log Cabin

Having a bespoke log cabin means you can create the outdoor space of your dreams. Designing a log cabin that perfectly suits your lifestyle is an extremely exciting opportunity. However, if you don’t have experience with log cabin design, you might feel lost or overwhelmed. With so many customisable options and features, it can be hard to know what you require. In this blog post, we’re outlining five features you should consider before designing your log cabin.

Windows for your Bespoke Log Cabin

Windows are a central feature of your log cabin. Most people design their cabin in spring or summer when the weather is better and the days are lighter. However, remember that the weather won’t stay wonderful all year round. If you want to use your log cabin in the colder months, you’ll want windows with good light exposure and insulating properties. Smaller windows might be okay during the sunny seasons, but when winter hits, you’ll need as much natural light in your log cabin as possible. Make sure to account for all seasons when you choose the size and glazing of your windows.


Not only do shutters enhance the exterior appearance of your log cabin, but they have practical features too. If you’re using this space as a classroom or home office, shutters can stop direct sunlight from beaming in and can eliminate outside distractions. In addition to this, if you’re keeping valuable items inside your log cabin, having shutters provides extra privacy and protection.


A sturdy log cabin needs a high-quality roof. Metal profile roof and Bitumen roof covering are the two most popular waterproof roof coverings; but you can also choose between slate, clay tiles or turf . If you’re unfamiliar with these materials and the difference between them, speak to your log cabin builder for advice on roofing regarding your location and lifestyle. However, you can make your own decision on roofing and what you believe will suit your log cabin the best.

Size of your Bespoke Log Cabin

One of the most beneficial aspects of designing your log cabin is you can decide how big it is. If you enjoy having a large garden but want a warm seating area for the cold winter months, a small log cabin will suit you. Whereas, if you’re planning to use your cabin for home-schooling, you’ll want a large log cabin with more space for storage and furniture. Consider how you will use your log cabin and how often you use your garden before deciding the size of your bespoke log cabin.

Designing and building a bespoke log cabin means you can create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of having. Before you can begin building, you need to decide on the key features of your cabin. Windows, shutters, roofing and size are four crucial elements that dictate the efficiency as well as the appearance of your log cabin. As log cabin experts, we recommend prioritising these elements at the beginning of the design process. Decide the style and size of your windows, if you’re going to have shutters, your roofing materials and the overall size of your log cabin first.

If you require assistance making these choices or with any part of your bespoke log cabin development process, talk to the experts at Logspan.

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