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Floor covering of Log Cabins, or what flooring to use

Once you have your Log Cabin installed there are various options for finishing the floor of the Garden Room.

Here are 4 suggestions of how to finish the floor of your log cabin, and 1 DO NOT DO!

What to do:

  1. Leave it Untreated- Some customers decide not to treat the floor and to leave the machined floor boards as they were laid. An issue is that if anything is spilled on the floor this will soak into the wood and stain it.
  2. Varnish or Paint the boards- Sealing the floor with a non-slip varnish or paint will protect the boards for many years and stop the spills soaking in. This will reduce the maintenance the flooring needs. Good news for you!
  3. Laying Laminate – Laying a suitable laminate floor will reduce the need to keep applying a varnish. It keeps the wood effect, but allows your to colour the flooring.
  4. Carpet or Rugs – This will increase the cosy feel of the cabin as well as increasing the insulation properties of the floor.

What NOT to do:

Do not use a Vinyl covering

Vinyl acts as a barrier, causing moisture to build up under it. The moisture can then sit on the floor boards and cause the floor boards to rot.

If you have already laid Vinyl I would recommend lifting it at the corner and seeing how the floorboards are underneath.

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