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Upgrade Your BBQ With A BBQ Hut

Finally, summer is upon us, and it’s time to dust off those tongs, get the charcoal warming, and pick up your favourite sausages from the butchers. But, you’re still racking your brains for ways to make your iconic summer barbecue extra special this year. You’re fed up with going to the neighbours for poorly cooked burgers and life-less bread buns. This year, your garden will be the only BBQ destination in mind, and we’ve got the tools necessary to get you there. The BBQ Hut!

What is a BBQ hut?

If you really want to wow your guests, a BBQ hut will do it. Wave goodbye to wobbly two-legged barbecues bought from the local hardware store. And swear off disposable barbecue for good. A BBQ hut will make you king of the barbecue forevermore.

Logspan BBQ huts are the same sturdy wooden outdoor buildings we’re known for, but a show-stopping barbecue sits in the middle. When you open the door to your BBQ hut, you’ll see the cooking station with a surrounding seating area. Depending on the size of your hut, the space for enjoying your delicious food will be big or small.

Before deciding on your hut, consider how many people you’re likely to invite. And discuss whether you’ll use your BBQ cabin all year round. The beauty of a BBQ hut is that your famous barbecues aren’t reserved for summer. You can have an indoor barbecue and enjoy it away from the temperamental British weather. However, if you’re less likely to utilise the space in the colder months, you might not require so much inside seating.

The benefits of a BBQ hut

Curious as to how a BBQ hut can help your hosting go down in history? Here are a few reasons why:

Stop bad weather spoiling your fun

We already mentioned how BBQ huts are appropriate for barbecues in every season, but this is such an asset for those of us in the UK! It’s not uncommon for the heavens to unexpectedly open midday, showering your delicious food with rain. No one wants a soggy burger, and a BBQ cabin will stop this from happening. Imagine a British summer not dictated by the rain. It might sound crazy, but your indoor BBQ makes this possible!

Doubles up as an outdoor space

If you’re torn between a regular log cabin and a BBQ hut, always opt for the hut. BBQ huts can double up as regular log cabins. For example, the Logscape Finman BBQ Hut 28M2 is our largest hut and can host up to 35 people! When not in use, this space turns into an additional room with space for two double beds or five singles!

Provides a more professional and intimate setting

Lunch on the grass is fun with friends and family, but for a professional meeting, you require an appropriate setting. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go inside and stare at the same four walls. A BBQ hut is an impressive building that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. If you’re still keen to enjoy the outdoors, we recommend an open BBQ shelter such as the Finman Open BBQ gazebo.

If you’re ready to upgrade your barbecues this season, browse our range of BBQ huts and see which is the perfect fit for you.