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Summer Accessories For Your Log Cabin

You already know how incredible summers with a log cabin are. You’ve experienced socialising with friends, enjoying delicious meals, and relaxing in your log cabin. But this year, you’re ready to upgrade your experience and give your garden cabin that little bit extra, something to make it special and unique to you and your family. Are we right? Here are several ways you can enhance your log cabin when the weather gets warmer with some fantastic accessories.

Add a weathervane

You’ve had your log cabin or BBQ hut for a few years now. And you’re noticing other people in the neighbourhood are building log cabins similar to yours. While you’re excited they’ll get to experience the joys of owning a log cabin, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed your garden will no longer shine out amongst the rest. If you’re searching for a way to make your garden cabin unique, a weathervane is a perfect addition. At Logspan, we stock weathervanes with all different designs, so you can make sure your garden cabin stands out and reflects you! Pick from a cooper sailboat, classic rooster, labrador, and so many more.

Purchase long-lasting crockery

Summer is the season of fun and adventure. You want to be able to run around the garden, play games, eat indulgent food and drink carefree! But, with traditional crockery, you run the risk of things getting broken, causing potential hazards. Say goodbye to the porcelain cups and plates and go enamel instead. Our enamel mugs are made with adventure in mind. You won’t have to worry about dropping, spilling or misplacing this sturdy kitchen essential. Pick from red and blue, and make summer enjoying your outdoor space even easier this season.

Use a cooler table

Go one step further with your food and drink appliances and purchase a Cool Table for your garden cabin or BBQ hut. A cooler table keeps all your drinks at the perfect temperature during the sticky summer heat and adds a luxurious look to your space. Our Cooler Tables come in three designs; Moonstone, Darktsone, and Mini Darkstone. Fill your table with ice and add your favourite bottle of fruit bubbly or ice cool waters for re-energising after a game in the garden. All our cooler tables have space for resting your glasses and wood tops, meaning they can be used as regular tables when drinks aren’t required.

BBQ Hut Bundle Box

Get BBQ ready with our BBQ bundle boxes. Inside is everything you need to be king (or queen!) of the BBQ; a cushion set, extractor fan, cookbook, wooden table, and even your charcoal. We know how important a summer BBQ is to you and your family, so we wanted to ensure you’re fully prepared. Plus, you’ll be saving hundreds of pounds! Stock up now and be ready for when the first signs of British sunshine peep through the clouds (we all know this is the sign it’s BBQ time!) Pick from our 7m2, 9m2 or 11m2 bundles.

These summer log cabin accessories guarantee you’ll make the most out of your outdoor space during the most joyous season of the year. How do you plan on spending your summer? And which of these will you be using to make the long-awaited sunshine feel even more special?

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