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A Double Versus Single Garage: What’s The Best Choice For My Property?

It’s finally time to add a garage to your property. You’re tired of trying to find a parking space after work, the bikes and scooters littering the hallway are bothering you, and you crave extra space for the less desirable must-haves that come with owning a home. But, like all home investments, garages aren’t one size fits all. And deciding on the correct size garage for your home isn’t easy. Double or Single?

The first important decision you need to make is whether you need a double or a single garage. Those with less space will likely be limited to a single garage. But, if you have the room, you might have to decide what means more to you, having more space or storage? We’re outlining everything you need to consider in the double versus single garage debate.

How many vehicles do you have?

The primary use for a garage is to home your vehicles. If you’re building a garage with the sole purpose of getting your car off the road, a single garage is adequate for your needs. However, if you have several cars or you’re likely to have more vehicles in the future, a double garage provides more space.

Those who need the storage of a garage but enjoy the aesthetic of a log cabin will love The Worcester.  Its roof purlins and Northern spruce make this building eye-catching and attractive while simultaneously providing all the space you could possibly need.

Will you use your garage for other activities?

If you want a garage for engaging with activities inside, but away from the comfort of the home, a double garage could suit you best. For example, you might need somewhere safe to store the car and a practical spot to put your running machine. Alternatively, if your garage will only serve as a space for activities (gyming, fixing up bikes, building etc) a single garage makes an ideal workshop space.

How much time do you spend in your outdoor space?

One key thing to consider that many buyers overlook is how much time you spend in your outside space. If you love spending summers laying on the grass and playing games on the patio, it’s unlikely you want to lose this space. A double garage takes a significant amount of room, whereas a single garage can provide you with practical space and still give your room for fun.

Those who live in cold climates might prefer a double garage because they never have the opportunity to enjoy the outside for extended periods of time. Before buying your garage, think about the relationship you have with your outdoor space.

What’s your budget?

The larger size and more materials mean double garages cost more than single. If you’re keen to have a garage but don’t have a big budget, a single garage will be more appropriate. The Chester Garage costs just £4,820.00 and is a marvellous addition to your home and lifestyle.

Garages are safe spaces to keep your cars, a room for activities you love, and an asset to the exterior of your home. Plus, having a garage can drastically increase your property’s value! But, before you pick a garage, you need to decide whether you’re better suited to a single or double. If you’re still struggling to choose, you can talk with a member of the Logspan team. We’re always happy to help.

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