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What’s The Right Size Log Cabin For My Garden?

One of the things we love about our job as garden cabin, BBQ hut, and gazebo builders is getting to see your beautiful gardens. Log cabins are an asset to any outdoor space. Every garden we see is overflowing with personality. It’s the uniqueness of your spaces that encourages us to create buildings packed with character. We understand that every garden has its own style, space and purpose, so our cabins reflect this.

Picking the size of your log cabin is an important decision. To help ensure you make the right choice, we’re sharing five things to think about before deciding on the size of your log cabin.

How big is your garden?

The first thing you need to establish is how big your garden is. After all, there’s no point in purchasing a log cabin that won’t fit! Before you reach out to us or your cabin builders, measure the length and width of your garden. If you know where your future garden cabin will go, measure this area too.

How much excess space do you want outside your log cabin?

Most people want a garden cabin as a secret hideaway or practical storage space at the end of their garden. We recommend picking a building that still allows you garden space.

You don’t want a cabin that takes over the garden. But you also don’t want to pick a model that’s too small for your needs. You need to strike a balance between what you need your cabin for and how much outdoor space you want.

What will you use your log cabin for?

When you consider what you need your cabin for, debate whether this activity requires a certain amount of space. For example, if you’re fixing old bikes, you’ll need a workbench, tool storage, and room for the bikes. If you’re using your cabin to read and relax, you don’t need to be as strict about space.

How many people will occupy this space?

If you’re using your garden cabin as a home office or classroom, you might need to consider additional people. Will your home office need space for two desks? Will you and your children comfortably fit in your cabin with all the necessary apparatus required for teaching?

Personal preference

It’s your log cabin you’re buying. Whether you’re investing for practicality or style, it’s up to you how big your cabin is. Some people prefer petite, cute cabins that get lost in the garden landscape. Other homeowners want a show-stopping modern structure that they can admire from inside their homes. Why not browse our website and see which style of garden cabin resonates with you? We’re certain something will catch your eye.

We offer a bespoke cabin service, so we can make a cabin that’s perfect for you. Why not let us know the dimensions of your space, and we’ll create the log cabin you’ve been dreaming of?!Click here to browse our full range of log cabins. Explore our classroom and home office edit here. And reach out to one of our team via the contact page. We’re happy to assist with any questions or queries regarding log cabin sizes.

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