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5 Unique Ways To Use Your Log Cabin

You want a beautiful wooden log cabin for your garden. But you can’t see yourself using this space for reading, working, housing guests or any of the other popular log cabin uses. Just because you’re not attracted to Pinterest pictures of pretty log cabins doesn’t mean you don’t have a practical purpose for a garden cabin.

Why you want a log cabin

You might not have the exact purpose of your log cabin, but you believe an enchanting log cabin in Scandinavian spruce would instantly upgrade your outdoor space. And you know having the extra space would be an asset to your family life. We’re sharing a few less popular ways to use your log cabin that you and your loved ones might not have thought of.

A games room

Are you fed up with looking at wires from games consoles and plastic toys strewn across your home? Instead of limiting yourself to your log cabin for sanctity, make your home yours again and turn your garden cabin into a games room. It will provide a space for the kids to play safely, give you your beloved home back, and instil independence in your children.

Chicken Coop

Have you always dreamed of owning chickens? Fresh eggs in the morning, a lively cockerel waking you up in the morning. It sounds like the cottage core dream, doesn’t it? Well, even if you’re a city-dweller, you can still have chickens, as long as you have the right area for them. A log cabin is a safe and homely space for your chickens. They’ll feel comfortable with all the wood shavings they need to grow big and strong and provide you with those tasty eggs you love!

Please note, chickens require 1,100 square centimetres each, consider this when investing in your log cabin.

Bike garage

If you’re craving extra storage to make your home look tidier and feel less stressful, a log cabin is ideal. Bikes and scooters are essential for commuting, weekend adventures, and exercise. But that doesn’t mean you need these items taking up space in your house. Here, they’ll be safe, avoid weather damage, and easy to access when you need to.

Garden bar

You’re familiar with our BBQ huts, but why not ditch the cooking and relax with a drink instead? For the not-so-foodie individuals, you can transform your log cabin into a personal bar. Invite your friends round for an elevated “night in”. And make sure to stock the fridge with your favourite spirits and soft drinks. But be warned, when curfew hits, you might struggle to get the customers out the door!

Not knowing how you’ll use your log cabin doesn’t mean this beautiful outdoor building won’t be an asset to your lifestyle. The way you use your log cabin is likely to change over the years. You don’t have to have the purpose of this investment outlined right away! Take some time to consider the practical and personal uses of an extra room. You never know, an idea might come to mind when you see it standing proudly in your garden.

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