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3 Of The UK’s Best Glamping Locations

Does camping bring back horrific memories of late-night, freezing cold toilet runs and torturous cross-country walks? Or do you reminisce over your camping trips, feeling a fondness towards the time spent with your family and immersed in nature? Whether you love or loathe camping, we know you’ll enjoy glamping.

What is glamping?

Glamping enhances all the best bits of camping while removing those less-desirable elements. Trade in your two-man tent for a fully furnished, state of the art gazebo. Wave goodbye to disgusting portaloos and enjoy a toilet cleaner than the one at home. And enjoy all the wonders of nature with a soft pillow to rest your head on when the day is done. Sounds far from the camping trips you enjoyed as a kid, right?

With glamping, you can give your family the adventure and awe-inspiring time in nature you experienced as a child but ensure comfort at the same time. Electricity, warm water, and storage space are all part of the glamping experience.

Logspan glamping-pod investors are seasoned glampers who enjoy the ease of having their own ready-made glamping location all year round. And we also provide pods for popular glamping spots around the country. If you want to give glamping a go, why not try one of these glamping locations for your next holiday?

3 of the UK’s best glamping locations

Wild Boar Wood Campsite, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

If you love getting lost in nature, this campsite is for you. The Sussex glamping location is so secretive that the exact location is only revealed after booking. Enjoy getting lost in nature with all the perks of a semi-luxury campsite. But be warned, once you arrive, you might struggle to leave!

Apple Camping, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, South Wales

Weekend away in Wales at Apple Camping. This Welsh glamping site comprises three Mongolian-inspired yurts and a four-acre meadow. Book the whole place and enjoy a trip away with friends or family, or have a romantic excursion just the two of you.

P.S. Don’t forget to look out for the jet star aeroplane lurking in the country lanes.

Little Seed Field, North Yorkshire

Love rural settings? Little Seed Field, North Yorkshire, is the glamping location for you. Located on a working dairy farm, Little Seed Field combines rustic nature with luxe living. Their five cosy cabins include everything you need to relax after getting lost in the Northern landscapes.

After experiencing the wonderful world of glamping, we’re convinced you’ll have converted. Your calendar will be overflowing with trips to the great outdoors. But, this time, you’ll be surrounded by your daily necessities and extra bits to make your holiday as special as possible.

You might even enjoy glamping so much that you’re ready to invest in a personalised glamping pod. Position your cabin in your favourite location across the country, decorate it to your tastes, and make those impulsive holiday escapes even easier.

Click here to browse Logspa full range of glamping pods. And discuss your pod options with one of our team via the contact link on our website.

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