5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Garage

I know I’m not the only one that’s spent years neglecting my garage. Somehow that handy room on the side of my house became a dumping ground of old belongings. When I stopped using it, I stopped paying attention to its condition. Until one day, I decided to have a look around. I noticed how it was in dire need of an upgrade!

Once the upgrade was complete, I started using my garage again. Now, it’s not a room of misplaced items but my personal paradise. To find out if your garage needs an upgrade, consider these five things.

Problems with your garage door

Door problems are common in old garages. A broken door could be affecting the temperature of your home, put you at risk of flooding, and is a significant safety hazard. If the door has broken or is several years old, you should consider investing in a replacement. Not only will this improve the conditions of your home, but it can increase the curb appeal of your property, making your house worth more on the market should you decide to sell.

Your garage isn’t insulated

No one wants to spend time in a freezing cold garage!  By not insulating, you’re restricting the amount of time you can spend in there. Adding insulation makes it as functional as the other rooms in your house.

A poorly insulated garage may be affecting your energy bills. It could be causing a draught that’s unintentionally cooling the rest of the property. This cooling effect may cause you to turn the heating on. Insulating will reduce your energy usage and save you money.

Problems with electrics or plumbing

Similar to inadequate heating, not having functional electrics and plumbing will deter you from making the most out of your garage. Fixing these elements will improve the quality of your home and make it a more functional space.

You need extra storage in the home

I’ll be the first to admit my garage neglect led it to become a dumping ground for old items and broken things. However, it can be a storage space without being full of mess and clutter. Adding cabinets and shelves means you can keep things organised and tidy. After several years of living in our homes, it’s natural for us to need new space. Utilising our garage is a great storage solution that means we don’t have to pay for an extension or move house.

The garage is never used

What’s the point in having a garage if we never use it? Why not upgrade it and make it a place you like to spend time? Instead of seeing it as an abandoned space, think of it as a possible home office, an exercise room, or an entertainment room. There’s so much potential, and an upgrade can help us unleash this!

If any of these five points relate to you and your garage, it’s time for an upgrade! Make the most out of your garage and transform it into a functional space you feel lucky to have! To find out more about how we can help you develop the garage of your dreams, click here.

National Bookshop Day!

Coming up this Saturday, the 2nd of October it’s National Bookshop Day! There are a myriad of reasons you should head to your local book shop and pick up some new reading material but here are some of the best examples of why you should be reading something new every single day

  1. Reading strengthens your brain – A growing body of research indicates that reading literally changes your mind. Using MRI scans, researchers have confirmed that reading involves a complex network of circuits and signals in the brain. As your reading ability matures, those networks also get stronger and more sophisticated.
  2. Builds your vocabulary – Reading researchers as far back as the 1960s have discussed what’s known as “the Matthew effect,” a term that refers to biblical verse Matthew 13:12: “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”
  3. Reduces stress – In 2009, a group of researchers measured the effects of yoga, humour, and reading on the stress levels of students in demanding health science programs in the United States. The study found that 30 minutes of reading lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress just as effectively as yoga and humour did.
  4. Prepares you for a good night’s rest – Doctors at the Mayo Clinic suggest reading as part of a regular sleep routine. For best results,  choose a print book rather than reading on a screen, since the light emitted by your device could keep you awake and lead to other unwanted health outcomes.
  5. Helps alleviate depression symptoms – British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton once wrote, “Consolation from imaginary things is not an imaginary consolation.” People with depression often feel isolated and estranged from everyone else. And that’s a feeling books can sometimes lessen.

Where to read your Book?

A book is best read in natural light if possible, and in a relaxing environment away from distractions. May I suggest you should be reading in your Log Cabin or BBQ Hut. Put some logs on the fire and sit back to enjoy the solitude, just you and your book….

…and they lived happily ever after.


10 Things To Use Your Garden Cabin For

Adding a Garden cabin to your garden transforms the potential of your property. Having extra space can make you feel refreshed and inspired by your environment. The question is, what are you going to use this extra space for? If you’re ready to add a log cabin to your garden, but you’re unsure if you’ll make use out of it, this post is for you. We’re sharing ten things to use your cabin for.

Home Office

Reinforce that much-needed work-home balance by making your outside log cabin your home office. Away from the distractions of the house, you’re guaranteed to get more done and appreciate your home when you return after the workday.

Craft Shed

We’ve all got that hobby we wish we made more time for. With a designated craft shed, you can unleash your creativity in an inspiring environment. Fill your log cabin with paints, start knitting again, or try out pottery (at last!). Having a space dedicated to our crafts means we’re more likely to engage with them. Plus, we don’t have to worry about making a mess of the house!


Homeschooling can be tricky. With the television on standby and a box of toys waiting on the sidelines, it’s understandable your children can’t concentrate! Just like your home office, a log cabin classroom enforces that necessary distinction between work and play.

Storage Space

It might be the most boring idea on the list, but it’s also the most practical. After living in our homes for a number of years, we accumulate more items. Our current property might not have the space to store these extra things. Rather than paying out for a home extension or moving house, install a log cabin and use it as essential extra storage space.

Home Cinema

Have you ever thought how magical it would be to have an at-home cinema? Imagine nights sat under the stars, staring up at a film and filling your mouth with buttery popcorn. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? With a log cabin, you can have the home cinema you’ve always wanted!

Outside Dining Area

Whether it’s summer BBQs or cosy dinners outside in the winter, having an outside dining area can add variety to your eating experience. Eating outside is ideal for having extra guests or enjoying a romantic meal with your loved one.

Games Room

Bring the excitement outside with a games room in your log cabin. Set up video games or unpack the board games to experience a night of laughter and competition with friends. It’s rare we have the space to designate a room for entertainment. With a log cabin, you can.


Stop paying for your overpriced gym membership and enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home. No commutes and the absence of other people means you’re more likely to work out on a regular basis and feel great for doing so.


There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned shed. And if you need a shed in your garden, a log cabin can be that for you. Rather than sticking with the same boxy shed you’ve had for years, give your garden an upgrade and install a luxurious log cabin to home your tools.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to ways to use your log cabin. Whether you’re creating a home office or watching films under the moonlight, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without the extra space!

The Benefits Of A Bespoke Log Cabin

When investing in your property, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Not only do you need to consider how developments will impact your curb appeal, but also how much enjoyment you’ll get out of these changes. Having a log cabin in the garden is a highly sought-after feature.

Homeowners are keen to extend their space without paying the price for a home extension. And a cabin is the perfect home-away-from-home. It gives you the space you need whilst still feeling comforting and familiar. If you’re considering installing a log cabin in your garden, why not make it bespoke?

Here are the benefits of designing your log cabin and creating a bespoke outdoor area for your property.

Bespoke Log Cabin

Tailor your log cabin to your needs

What are you planning on using your log cabin for? Is it going to be a personal sanctuary for one? Perhaps you’re planning to use it as a home office, with enough space for one or two guests.

The purpose of your cabin will affect the size and design you choose. If you’ve got a small garden, and it’s only you that will be using the garden cabin, there’s no need to invest in a big cabin. By choosing a bespoke cabin, you can tailor the size of your cabin to your space and needs.

Complete Your Garden Paradise

Your garden is your pride and joy. It’s the hot spot for summer BBQs and late-night chats over Rosé. Adding a bespoke log cabin to your garden is only going to upgrade the outdoor utopia you’ve worked so hard to create!

We understand your garden is your pride and joy. Not just any log cabin will suit. With a bespoke garden cabin, you can tailor the interiors and exteriors to perfectly suit your garden. Everything from the number of windows to the wood you use is customisable. Once you’ve designed the cabin of your dreams, our team will bring your vision to life, creating the outdoor paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

Bespoke Log Cabin 2

Pick the perfect features

Log cabins are an extension of our property. We want them to feel and look like our homes. By creating a bespoke log cabin, you can design your outdoor space to accurately reflect the inside of your home. Or create an alternative reality.

Designing a bespoke log cabin guarantees you’re making a good investment. Not only can you make sure your garden cabin stands out, but you can create a cabin that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Customise the interior and exterior of your log cabin to create a functional outdoor space you enjoy being in, and others will too. To learn more about how to design your bespoke cabin, visit our website.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Garden Space With These Six Items

The past eighteen months have shown us how lucky we are to have outdoor space on our property. Whilst we might not have been taking full advantage of this space previously, we’re now doing everything we can to make the most out of our gardens.

If you’re still wondering how you can upgrade your outdoor space, this post is for you. We’re sharing how six items can help you make the most out of your garden.

Summer house/log cabin

A summer house or log cabin ensures you make the most out of your outdoor space, no matter the season. The outside extension of your property is ideal for a home office, homeschooling classroom or a calming place to relax. Take a break from inside the house and enjoy your home-away-from-home with a log cabin or summer house.

Indoor and outdoor furniture

Indoor and outdoor furniture is essential for us Brits. We never know when the weather will take a turn. If you’re sipping on a glass of wine or enjoying your morning coffee outside, and suddenly the heavens open, you don’t want to have to panic to get your furniture inside. With furniture suitable for outdoors, a bit of rain won’t hurt. Hop inside your log cabin for shelter and finish the rest of your relaxing drink—your furniture can weather the storm. Just don’t forget about the washing on the line, we can’t guarantee that’ll be the same after the rain!


Nothing says summer like a BBQ with friends and family. Stop shying away from hosting and encourage your loved ones to enjoy your home and garden. Purchasing a high-quality BBQ guarantees summers of fun and delicious food. If you’re worried about the weather, don’t be! Your summer house, all-weather furniture andBBQ Hut mean you’re fully equipped to host, no matter the season.

Copper Decor

Eye-catching interiors aren’t just for inside the home. Copper decor is an on-trend way to add character to your garden. After all, your outdoor space should feel like an extension of your home. Take pride in your garden and showcase a copper weathervane. Your guests will remember their time spent in your garden with this eye-catching artistic feature.

Cooler Table

You don’t want to be running to and from the kitchen during an enjoyable night with friends. By installing a cooler table in your outside log cabin, your drinks will remain cold, so you can stay seated, soaking up the atmosphere.

Garden Gazebo

Remember the hassle of putting up the collapsable gazebo last summer? And then the dread you felt in the morning knowing you had to take it back down? Adding a permanent wooden gazebo to your outdoor space means you no longer have to consider the stress of the pop-up gazebo when you have guests coming. Instead, your gazebo will be ready and waiting for you all year round.

These six outdoor features can help you upgrade your space and make the most out of your garden, no matter the occasion. To learn more about adding these features to your property, visit the Logspan website.

Outside classrooms: How An Outdoor Classroom Can Improve Your Homeschooling Experience

Homeschooling isn’t easy. Here’s how an outside classroom in your log cabin can improve your homeschooling experience.

If the past year has taught us parents anything, it’s that playing teacher is not simple. Homeschool was thrust upon us without even a pad of paper or a textbook at the ready. Although we’ve adapted and done what we can to help assist our children’s education, I don’t think it’s presumptuous to say there’s been a fair few bumps in the road. If you’re still homeschooling or deciding to make homeschooling a permanent fixture in your life, we recommend taking the classroom outside with a log cabin.

Outdoor Classroom

Separate home from school

When (or if) your children previously attended a school, the daily commute and educational environment would have created a distinction in your child’s brain. From the moment they started, they understood the difference between home and school. And they began acting according to this distinction.

If your child is failing to concentrate and give their full attention to their studies whilst homeschooling, it’s likely because home is a place for fun and relaxation. Instead of taking this away from your children and disrupting their safe spaces, you can create a separate school environment outside your house. When your child enters your log cabin classroom, they’ll know this is a space for learning.

Foster a productive working environment with educational decor in the Classroom

Educational decor not only advances your children’s education but also stimulates a productive working environment. By being surrounded by information on bright and engaging posters, your children will subconsciously learn and associate this environment with learning. I don’t know about you, but bright maths posters and colourful copies of the periodic table don’t fit with my home decor. By having a designated log cabin classroom, I can display educational decor, without having to disrupt the interiors of my home.

Outdoor Classroom

Minimise distractions in the Classroom

The home is your child’s haven. Whether it’s their bedroom or the living room, there’s always a distraction looming. By taking the classroom outside, you can eliminate any potential distractions. There won’t be a TV waiting to watch or a toy they desperately want to play with. Instead, they’ll become absorbed in educational tasks, and any distractions they do seek out will assist their learning!

Have everything you need in one place

We’re not teachers. And for many of us, organisation isn’t in our skill set either. Our homeschool lessons often entail a lot of running back and forth searching for whiteboard pens that work and worksheets we printed off and put somewhere else in the house. With a designated classroom, you have everything you need in one place. There won’t be any disrupted lessons where your children begin to get bored and agitated. Instead, you can sail through your homeschooling lessons, knowing you have all the resources and no time for distractions.

Homeschooling isn’t easy! And we should all be proud, we’ve given it our best shot. Transitioning your log cabin into a designated classroom can give your child the educational setting they need and makes your job a lot easier! If you’re ready to take learning outside, check out our range of log cabins.

5 furniture essentials for your log cabin

The log cabin you’ve always dreamed of is being built. Summers under the stars and cosy winters tucked away await you. But before you can start making the most out of your new garden room, you need to plan your interiors.

Whilst some might have Pinterest boards at the ready and a million ideas of how to decorate inside our log cabin, others would prefer to leave the furnishings to someone else. If you’re struggling to design inside your log cabin, this post is for you. We’re sharing the five furniture essentials that can upgrade your cabin.

A Practical Table for the Log Cabin

Whether it’s for dinner with friends or games night with the kids, having a sturdy table in your cabin is essential. If you want to make the most out of your garden cabin, you need furniture that’s going to help you do that. A practical table is versatile and long-lasting. No matter the occasion, we guarantee you’ll find a use for the table tucked inside your log cabin.

Minimum of Two Comfy Chairs

Although we know our log cabin is our personal sanctuary away from the rest of the world, we still need to be accommodating our potential guests. Once word gets out that you’re having a luxury log cabin installed, friends and family will be queuing up to experience your new interior endeavour. Two comfy chairs are ideal for those morning coffee dates or evening catch-ups over a glass of wine.

Useful Shelving

One of the benefits of building a log cabin in your garden is the extra storage it provides. If you’ve got an overflowing bookcase or a mantlepiece full of miscellaneous items, why not put some of these on display in your cabin? Not only will this declutter inside your house, but it will help make your cabin feel more like home. You can use your shelving as a decorative feature or a practical place to store items.

A Desk – Log Cabin & Home Office

Tired of staring at the same four walls of your spare room as you pretend it’s the same as a home office? Who are we kidding? A cabin is an ideal environment for a home office. Away from the distractions of the house, you can create a productive home office. Add a desk and your other work essentials to make it truly feel like you’re spending a day at the office. And best of all, it’ll be the shortest commute you’ve ever had to do!

Furniture Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

When the temperamental British weather allows, it’s nice to open the doors of your log cabin and sit out front with a drink. For times like these, you’ll want furniture that’s suitable for inside and out. You don’t want to be moving tables and chairs around as your guests wait patiently. Simply put your cabin furniture outside and start socialising. If the weather decides to take a turn, you don’t have to worry; head back inside your cabin or bask in the beauty of the temperamental British weather.  

Furniture helps you make the most out of your log cabin. No matter your interior preferences, these five items are essential for enjoying your new outdoor space, no matter the occasion or the weather!

How to use your summerhouse during the cold months

Despite the misleading title, summerhouses are ideal for outdoor activities all year round. Having a summerhouse or log cabin in your garden means you can enjoy the outdoors, even when the sun isn’t shining. In this post, we’re sharing five ways you can use your summerhouse during the cold months, so you know you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Invite friends round for dinner

If you’re bored with staring at the same four walls and well-worn table cloth, why not create an impromptu restaurant outside? Transition your summerhouse into a private restaurant. Invite your close friends to your house for a meal under the stars. Adding heating to your log cabin or summerhouse will encourage you to utilise it for activities like this during the colder months. If you’re still concerned about it being a little chilly for your guests, furnish your restaurant with tartan blankets and add candles to enhance the atmosphere.

Create a winter get-away

Winter is the season we hibernate in our homes. But what about when that sudden urge for a holiday arises? If you get restless during the short days and dark nights, treat yourself to a night away. Turn your summerhouse into a winter wonderland for the ideal glamping experience. Add soft textures and calming lights to create your winter sanctuary. Sometimes a few nights in new surroundings is what we need to refresh the senses. 

Set up a cinema

Create the ultimate at-home cinema experience by adding a projector to your summerhouse. Everyone dreams of a private cinema, showing their favourite films and accompanied by their closest friends. With a summerhouse, you can live the film lover’s dream. Throw cushions and bean bags on the floor and hang fairy lights around the room to create the ultimate aesthetic, cinematic experience. 


It might be the most boring option on the list, but it’s by far the most practical! If you’ve got a full nest this Christmas, you’re going to need space for storage. Whether it’s relatives visiting from out of town or children returning from university with piles of laundry, having extra space is always helpful. This Christmas, you can keep your home clutter-free and dedicated to the festivities. Store any luggage or not needed items in your summer house.

Make the most out of your home office

It’s January. The rain is lashing down outside, and all you want to do is snuggle up under your duvet. But it’s the new year, and you know you want to make the most out of new opportunities! Instead of hiding yourself away, you decide to head out to your summerhouse office and get started on that project you’ve always wanted to do. The atmosphere is ideal for concentrating. Everyone is keeping themselves tucked up inside and there’s nowhere to go in such bad weather— you’re distraction-free and ready to make the most out of the new year. Having a home office in your summerhouse is ideal for fostering productivity. A summer house or log cabin isn’t just for the summer. You can make the most out of having extra space all year round. Whether you’re using this space for fun or practicality is up to you!

Glamping versus camping: what’s the difference?

The staycation is rapidly becoming this season’s must-have to getaway. If you’re considering a trip away in the next few months, you’re likely prioritising finding somewhere relaxing on the British Isles rather than jetting off someplace exotic. And if we’re honest, we don’t blame you! A holiday not too far from home is sometimes exactly what you need. The question is, will you be glamping or camping?

In this post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about glamping and camping so you can have the perfect trip away. 

What is camping?

Camping has been around for centuries. The popular outdoor activity involves spending the night in a tent or shelter out in nature. Traditionally, campers enjoy reconnecting with the natural world, taking a break from technology and finding entertainment in the land that surrounds them. Dedicated campers might go as far as to limit their modern-day supplies and equipment and test their survival in the wilderness. In contrast, holiday campers are likely to equip themselves with necessary modern camping gear and enjoy a night under the stars, listening to the sounds of nature. 

It usually involves the purchasing of all the necessary kit, transporting it to the site. Then erecting and dismantling the tent.

What is glamping?

Glamping is an upgraded version of camping. Whilst glamping also takes place outside, in reclusive areas, glampers appreciate a more luxurious experience.

Glampers enjoy better amenities, such as private bathrooms, air conditioning, high-quality foods and modern entertainment. A glamping trip ties together the treats of luxury accommodation with the outdoors element of camping. Rather than staying in a pop-up tent or make-do shelter, glampers enjoy well-built log cabins, retreats and bunkhouses. These, sometimes rustic, timber buildings allow you to escape the real world, without having to sacrifice your day-to-day necessities.

Where can I go camping?

In the UK, you can go camping on designated campsites. Although it might be tempting to head out into the wilderness, this is extremely dangerous for novices and can be illegal. Lots of open land around the country is privately owned, so camping here without permission is considered trespassing. In addition to this, camping in unknown areas puts you at risk. When going camping, you should always inform family and friends of where you’re heading. 

Also consider what type of insects or wild animals would live where you are camping, midges in Scotland can make your skin itch…while a Bear in Canada can be a little more dangerous.

Where can I go glamping?

Similar to camping, there are designated glamping sites around the country. A quick look at a Glamping Site Map or a Google search can help you find the ideal glamping experience for you. If you’re a regular glamper, you might be considering building your own glamping property. Building a log cabinretreat or bunkhouse cabin on your land means you can get out of the house and go glamping whenever you fancy.

What’s better, glamping or camping?

Whether you prefer glamping or camping is up to the individual. Some might enjoy a night out in the wild, snuggled into a sleeping bag. Others might value easy-access amenities and a taste of luxury. Lot’s of regular campers transition between glamping and camping throughout the year. Their summer holidays might be out in the wilderness, whilst their winter get-away involves a cosy log cabin.Camping and glamping are both incredible ways to enjoy being in nature and take a break from everyday life.

How to have a successful Barbecue Party?

Take advantage of the return of the lovely weather and the lengthening days to organise a BBQ Hut party with friends. We give you some tips to have a good time: friendly and especially greedy! Get your Barbecue light!

Our advice for a good BBQ Hut Party:

Get organised

A Barbecue Hut Party must be organised a little in advance. 
Prepare a maximum of things in advance to be able to enjoy the evening and the guests. Arrange the meats in a dish and keep them in the refrigerator, cut the vegetables to be grilled, the spices and the utensils… Set up the barbecue (fire starter, charcoal, grill, …). Prepare the skewers. Store the drinks in a cool place and set the table. Don’t forget to prepare a small aperitif to keep your guests waiting, and if it starts raining…who cares!

Prepare the barbecue 

The fire should be lit at least 45 minutes in advance so that the embers are perfect and there are no toxic flames.
Don’t forget safety: bring a bucket of water or a hose to put out the fire in case of fire.

The 5 mistakes not to make

  1. Too many flames: flames char food and produce toxic substances. The food is black and has a bitter taste. Avoid it! Choose the two-zone fire technique: a hot part with a lot of coals to sear the meat and apart with fewer coals for gentler cooking.
  2. Test the cooking by cutting the meat. The meat loses all its juice and becomes dry. Invest in a good meat thermometer for perfect cooking.
  3. Wet the coals to avoid flames. Water only creates steam which then gives an acrid taste to the food. To calm the flames use a handful of coarse salt (or a little sugar to reactivate the embers).
  4. Do not extinguish the barbecue with water. To extinguish the barbecue quickly, throw sand on the embers. If you are not in a hurry, let the fire go out by itself.
  5. Cooking on a dirty grill. Cleaning is imperative to avoid cooking (and therefore eating) food residues. For this, two techniques: cleaning with hot soapy water and a wire brush; or the combustion process, leaving the empty grill on the fire to remove the residue, then a quick swipe with a wire brush.

Get the right equipment

While the right type of lumpwood charcoal is necessary, it is not enough. You should also bring a few accessories: a large fork and tongs, useful for catching food, and a large knife. Equip yourself like a chef: the essential cook’s apron and a pair of cooking gloves. Remember to keep a clean, empty dish nearby to clear and serve cooked food.

Marinades and sauces

For meats that are more melting and moist, don’t hesitate to marinate them a few hours before cooking. The base is olive oil you can then add lemon, honey, or yogurt. You can try coca-cola, maple syrup, or apple juice. For the fish, be careful not to leave it too long in a lemon marinade because the acidity of the lemon “burns” the flesh of the fish (30 minutes maximum). 
If you want to add sauce (barbecue sauce type for example), add it only during the last 5 minutes of cooking with a brush and let it penetrate the meat over low heat.


The food should be on a clean grill 15/20 cm from the coals.
Sear red meats on very red embers and salt the meat only once on the plate, otherwise, you will dry it out.
White meats, fish, and vegetables are cooked on a lower heat and for a longer time.
Apart from the “classic” sausages, you can offer your guests other things: hamburger, chicken wings, sardines, shrimps, camembert or feta cheese, and for dessert a fruit or marshmallow skewer, banana or pineapple spit.

Time to get your BBQ on!

For more information on BBQ Huts

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