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How to Paint your Log Cabin

When painting your log cabin there are several things to consider. Following these will make your building last so much longer. As well as that they will make your life easier as you enjoy those extra years with your garden room.

So here are 10 things to consider and follow:

  1. Order – Products should be applied in a certain order:
    1. First – ANITROT/ANTIFUNGEL PRESERVATIVE (Skipping this may leave you open to issues in the future, and void your warranty)
    2. Second – PRIMER or UNDERCOAT
    3. Third – TOPCOAT or WATERPROOFER (This might be a coloured stain or opaque paint)
  2. Paint Quality – Make sure you buy quality log cabin or timber building specific products. There is no point scrimping with the paint or preservative, buying a cheap shed quality paint. It will pay back dividends if you get a good product.
  3. Paint or Stain – It doesn’t matter if you use a stain or paint, both are equally good. Vanish can be good, but when you come to reapply it after a couple years you will need to sand the initial vanish off first. Also see below for another reason against exterior varnish.
  4. UV Damage – Make sure the waterproofed product you use has a pigment (colour) in it, a clean product. Wood that has a clear waterproofer is likely to get UV damaged, this results in black/blue spots appearing on the wood (it will look like rot).
  5. Top and Bottom – Make sure you treat all exterior parts of the log cabin. This includes all top and bottom of the doors and windows. Not treating the underneath or top of the doors/windows will cause them to expand and stick.
  6. Expanding – In the autumn/winter your timber building will expand, this might result in areas above the door and windows being exposed that have not been previously treated. This is perfectly nature and all you need to do is treat these sections as they appear.
  7. Follow instructions – Follow the instructions. Always apply the number of coats the manufacturer suggests as a minimum! More is most definitely Better!
  8. Time between applications – If the manufacturer suggests reapplying the product after 5 year, reapply after 3 years.
  9. Floor – A non-slip product is needed, varnish, paint or stain. A stain before varnish is a good way to add a little colour to the floor.
  10. Breathability – Make sure the products you use on the walls are breathable.

Floor covering of Log Cabins, or what flooring to use

Once you have your Log Cabin installed there are various options for finishing the floor of the Garden Room.

Here are 4 suggestions of how to finish the floor of your log cabin, and 1 DO NOT DO!

What to do:

  1. Leave it Untreated- Some customers decide not to treat the floor and to leave the machined floor boards as they were laid. An issue is that if anything is spilled on the floor this will soak into the wood and stain it.
  2. Varnish or Paint the boards- Sealing the floor with a non-slip varnish or paint will protect the boards for many years and stop the spills soaking in. This will reduce the maintenance the flooring needs. Good news for you!
  3. Laying Laminate – Laying a suitable laminate floor will reduce the need to keep applying a varnish. It keeps the wood effect, but allows your to colour the flooring.
  4. Carpet or Rugs – This will increase the cosy feel of the cabin as well as increasing the insulation properties of the floor.

What NOT to do:

Do not use a Vinyl covering

Vinyl acts as a barrier, causing moisture to build up under it. The moisture can then sit on the floor boards and cause the floor boards to rot.

If you have already laid Vinyl I would recommend lifting it at the corner and seeing how the floorboards are underneath.

Brown Wood Log Cabin in a Blue January

The Christmas presents have been opened, the bells of the New Year have rang…and suddenly we are thrust into a 2022 blinking and bleary eyed.

We’re not blinking at the light…the Sun has departed these shores for somewhere hot.

And we are expected to get on with life and this year as if nothing has happened.

Welcome to Blue January! And Blue Monday is not that far away, its the 3rd Monday in January so 21st by my reckoning.

I definitely get effected by the lack of Sun, so what can I (or other sufferers) do in order to keep going and flourish this Monday.

Well, I like to be in the garden as much as possible during the day. Getting Sun light helps your body produce that needed Vitamin D. So if you have a Summerhouse or BBQ Hut, go there and relax with some nice music and warmth. Get in touch with your inner Hygge.

If the though of a Garden and relaxing does not work for you, some exercise is another great option. And there are worse places to exercise than in a Log Cabin in January…its pouring rain outside remember!

If you are needing further ideas please see the tips below, and at the end of this email there are some numbers. I guess I want to end this section with the need to talk to someone. We humans are able to converse in a wonderful way, please use that to its full potential to make sure you can fulfil your full potential.

Top 10 tips to look after your mental health in January and beyond

  1. Talk about your feelings
  2. Keep active
  3. Eat well
  4. Drink sensibly
  5. Keep in touch with people- even on the phone
  6. Ask for help
  7. Take a break
  8. Do something you’re good at
  9. Accept who you are
  10. Care for others
  11. See the Mental Health Foundation website for more information and other top tips.

Free Mental Health Helplines

If you or someone you love needs some support now and beyond Blue Monday, reach out to someone that can help on these free helplines:

Samaritans. – 116 123 

SANEline –  0300 304 7000 

National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK – 0800 689 5652 

Campaign Against Living Miserably – 0800 58 58 58 

Talk care,


Find The Perfect Log Cabin For Your Family Home: a closer look at our log cabin range

Building a log cabin can totally transform your family’s home life. This multipurpose space can be used for a variety of activities by both children and parents. Whether you’re planning on home schooling from your garden cabin or using it as a parent-only space, we can help you find the perfect cabin for your family’s needs. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the Logspan log cabin range.

Roma Log Cabin

Let the light shine in with the Roma garden room. The double doors and windows of the Roma make it a perfect garden house for the summer months. Use the Roma as a space to relax or add a desk and electricity for a bright and inspiring office space. Blinds or curtains will make the Roma feel cosier and perfect for winter.

For more information on the Roma Log Cabin click here.

Aintree Storage Cabin

If you’re searching for a classic log cabin design, the Aintree is ideal. Aintree T15 is a shed-style cabin with one small window and a sturdy and secure door. If you require somewhere to keep your garden tools, or you’re seeking outside storage space, the Aintree T15 is the garden room for you.

For more information on the Aintree click here.

Siena Garden Cabin

Keep things compact and cosy with the Siena log cabin. This petite cabin is great for a small garden hideaway or space to store your mower and other garden tools. Two double doors at the front mean you can easily fit a pair of chairs and a table inside for entertaining.

For more information on the Siena click here.

Wetherby Log Cabin

Relax on the terrace of your Wetherby Log Cabin. The Wetherby has one window, one door and a covered wooden terrace made from Scandinavian timber. Enjoy cold days warm inside your cabin and starry evenings sitting on the terrace. The Wetherby is the perfect garden addition for someone wanting to enhance their outdoor experience.

For more information on the Wetherby click here.

Alma Terrace Cabin Office

Add a contemporary feel to your garden with the Alma Terrace Cabin Office. This long and large cabin is designed to be an outside office space. Upgrade your work from home set-up and improve your productivity with this modern and attractive building.

For more information on the Alma click here.

Garden cabins can improve your outdoor space and transform your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a quiet place to work or somewhere calming to relax, a cabin is the perfect solution.

With so many cabins designs to choose from, it can be hard to know which style best suits your needs. In this blog post, we’ve shared a selection of the broad range of log cabins available from Logspan.

To browse the full range of cabins, click here. And if you require assistance in making your decision, reach out to us, we’re always happy to help.

The BBQ Hut – Featured in the Daily Mail

A dazzling den for kids’ parties and sleepovers

Lee Wilson, 38, lives in Linlithgow, West Lothian, with husband, Jim, 39, a farmer, and children Abbie, 11, Claire, nine, and twins Robert and Thomas, seven.

I suspect that friends thought we had lost our minds when we bought our £4,500 hut complete with charcoal barbecue. After all, neither of us had barbecued as much as a sausage our entire lives. But when we saw our 11-metre square hexagonal hut at the Royal Highland Show near Edinburgh last summer, we instantly saw the potential.

It’s a wonderful space for us to hang out as a family and enjoy eating outdoors. And, yes, I have been very slowly learning how to barbecue although Jim is yet to even try!

He’s a typical old-fashioned farmer and doesn’t think cooking — even on an outdoor grill — is for him.Lee Wilson, 38, lives in Linlithgow, West Lothian, with children Abbie, 11, Claire, nine, and twins Robert and Thomas, seven (pictured) and husband Jim

Lee Wilson, 38, lives in Linlithgow, West Lothian, with children Abbie, 11, Claire, nine, and twins Robert and Thomas, seven (pictured) and husband Jim

I insisted on getting an extractor fan which means all the fumes escape, but it also halves the normal 30-40 minutes it takes for the charcoal to heat, ready to cook. That’s essential with four hungry children to feed.

But the biggest attraction for us is as a space for the kids to escape with their friends — particularly as they grow older.

We held Abbie’s 11th birthday party there last month. It was snowing outside but we toasted marshmallows, played games and had an impromptu karaoke.

My kids’ friends all tell them how lucky they are, and I know we’ll be having back-to-back parties and sleepovers in the hut all summer.

The shingle-roofed pod — which we simply call The Hut — can sleep five (the benches transform into two double beds and a single). We ordered it from Logspan in Dumbartonshire and it arrived on the worst day of the year just before Christmas.

It took the team six hours to erect in torrential rain, and we linked it up to the electricity supply in the house.

As soon as they left, we all piled in, snuggled up under the sheepskin rugs on the benches and drank hot chocolate!Ms Wilson said: 'The shingle-roofed pod — which we simply call The Hut — can sleep five (the benches transform into two double beds and a single)'

Ms Wilson said: ‘The shingle-roofed pod — which we simply call The Hut — can sleep five (the benches transform into two double beds and a single)’

4 Features To Consider When Designing Your Bespoke Log Cabin

Having a bespoke log cabin means you can create the outdoor space of your dreams. Designing a log cabin that perfectly suits your lifestyle is an extremely exciting opportunity. However, if you don’t have experience with log cabin design, you might feel lost or overwhelmed. With so many customisable options and features, it can be hard to know what you require. In this blog post, we’re outlining five features you should consider before designing your log cabin.

Windows for your Bespoke Log Cabin

Windows are a central feature of your log cabin. Most people design their cabin in spring or summer when the weather is better and the days are lighter. However, remember that the weather won’t stay wonderful all year round. If you want to use your log cabin in the colder months, you’ll want windows with good light exposure and insulating properties. Smaller windows might be okay during the sunny seasons, but when winter hits, you’ll need as much natural light in your log cabin as possible. Make sure to account for all seasons when you choose the size and glazing of your windows.


Not only do shutters enhance the exterior appearance of your log cabin, but they have practical features too. If you’re using this space as a classroom or home office, shutters can stop direct sunlight from beaming in and can eliminate outside distractions. In addition to this, if you’re keeping valuable items inside your log cabin, having shutters provides extra privacy and protection.


A sturdy log cabin needs a high-quality roof. Metal profile roof and Bitumen roof covering are the two most popular waterproof roof coverings; but you can also choose between slate, clay tiles or turf . If you’re unfamiliar with these materials and the difference between them, speak to your log cabin builder for advice on roofing regarding your location and lifestyle. However, you can make your own decision on roofing and what you believe will suit your log cabin the best.

Size of your Bespoke Log Cabin

One of the most beneficial aspects of designing your log cabin is you can decide how big it is. If you enjoy having a large garden but want a warm seating area for the cold winter months, a small log cabin will suit you. Whereas, if you’re planning to use your cabin for home-schooling, you’ll want a large log cabin with more space for storage and furniture. Consider how you will use your log cabin and how often you use your garden before deciding the size of your bespoke log cabin.

Designing and building a bespoke log cabin means you can create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of having. Before you can begin building, you need to decide on the key features of your cabin. Windows, shutters, roofing and size are four crucial elements that dictate the efficiency as well as the appearance of your log cabin. As log cabin experts, we recommend prioritising these elements at the beginning of the design process. Decide the style and size of your windows, if you’re going to have shutters, your roofing materials and the overall size of your log cabin first.

If you require assistance making these choices or with any part of your bespoke log cabin development process, talk to the experts at Logspan.

3 reasons glamping should be your next trip away

When it comes to booking a family holiday, there are always disagreements. The kids want another trip to Disneyland, dad wants to go skiing, and mum wants nothing more than to lie on the beach reading a good book. This year, don’t let arguments take the excitement away from your upcoming trip. Instead, organise a glamping holiday. Here are three reasons glamping is the ideal family holiday.

Reconnect with nature

The most significant benefit of glamping is the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Rather than getting swept away with snapping and sharing pictures of your holiday cocktails, you can live in the moment.

Spending time in the great outdoors has several physical and mental benefits. Being in nature is scientifically proven to…

  • Improve mood
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourages you to be more active
  • Improve physical health
  • Help you feel more relaxed

Not only will a holiday in nature benefit you, but it can help improve family relations. Rather than spending the week cooped up in a hotel room that’s too small for you all, enjoy having space for the children and parents with two separate glamping tents.

Keep all the luxuries of your normal holiday

A glamping holiday in the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to trade in your luxuries. Glamping allows you to enjoy your holiday indulgences whilst simultaneously enjoying nature’s gifts— it’s the best of both worlds! Enjoy wifi, hot showers, comfortable beds and other home comforts while you glamp.

Unlike camping, you don’t have to endure sleepless nights and scorching mornings under a flimsy polyester tent. Glamping has all the qualities of a top hotel combined with refreshing natural landscapes.

Stay Covid Safe while Glamping

Covid now plays a role in every decision we make. And when it comes to travelling, we need to consider the risks we’re taking. It’s natural to want to get away after the year we’ve endured. However, it’s also normal to still be cautious about Covid-safety. Glamping is the perfect Covid secure holiday. Rather than sitting on a stuffy aeroplane with hundreds of strangers for hours, you can travel safely with your family in your car. And instead of staying in a busy hotel with shared facilities, you can enjoy a personal glamping tent. Being in nature for the duration of your holiday means you’re constantly exposed to fresh air and able to distance yourself from others enjoying the same surroundings.

If you want to make your holiday even more Covid-secure, why not enjoy glamping at home? Add a sleeper cabin to your back garden and spend a few nights under the stars away from the busyness of the house.

Glamping is the ideal stress-free holiday. Forget hours of organising and family disagreements, glamping holidays are guaranteed to bring your family closer and give you the experience of a lifetime.

Log Cabin Winter Office Essentials

There’s nothing worse than sitting at the office freezing. Numb fingertips and chattering teeth aren’t conducive to a productive workspace, nor is it an enjoyable experience. When you’re working, you want your focus to be on the task at hand, not when you can make another cup of tea or if working from the sofa would have been a better idea.

Working from home is a privilege. Rather than enduring the treacherous journey to work in the cold, you can stay comfortable in your outdoor log cabin office. Just a few short steps from your home comforts, the commute is a breeze! But that doesn’t stop the winter chills from creeping in. To help you stay cosy and focused in your log cabin home office, we’ve put together a list of winter garden office essentials. Make sure you’ve got these in your log cabin before heading out into the garden for your day at work.


The number one thing your log cabin needs to make it a functional winter office is electricity. Not only do you need electricity for your winter essentials, but it’s more than likely you need it to complete your work too. An extension lead into the kitchen might have worked for a few glorious months of summer, but it’s not practical or realistic during the rainy and snowy months. When you have your log cabin installed, make sure to add electricity. If you’ve got an existing log cabin without electricity, don’t worry. A trained electrician will be able to install a running electricity supply for a small fee.


Similarly, if you don’t have heating in your log cabin office, you can hire a trained professional to instal heating. Some might decide not to instal heating and use a portable electric heater to warm their office. Gas-powered heating is a more long-term solution. However, it’s up to you how you choose to heat your log cabin. As long as it’s warm enough, you’ll be able to get on with your work!

Coffee machine/Kettle

Whether we’re at home or in the office, a hot beverage is the number one thing we crave when we’re cold. Instead of dashing to the kitchen every time your inevitable thirst for a warm drink hits, have a coffee machine or kettle in the office. Running between the main house and your log cabin can disrupt workflow. Eliminate potential distractions and have your beverage of choice readily available in your outside office. After all, there’s nothing like a cup of hot coffee on a cold morning!

Scarf and Slippers

No matter how powerful our heating supply is, those pesky chills can still creep in. Usually, our necks and ankles are the first to feel a chill in the air. Avoid unwanted shivers and make sure you always have a scarf and comfy pair of slippers around.

As the nights get longer and darkness eclipses most of the day, sitting in the office feels like the last thing we want to do. Having a home office makes working in the winter easier. With these three essentials, you’ll find working in your log cabin is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

8 Interior Ideas For Your New Summer House

There are hundreds of ways to decorate your new summerhouse/log cabin. You can tie in your new outdoor space with the rest of your home or have it stand alone as a unique and quirky room. Either way, deciding how to decorate your summer house is a big decision, and you might not know where to start. To help you create the outdoor space of your dreams, we’re sharing eight ways to decorate your summer house.

Beach hut

If you live in a seaside town or simply have an affinity for the ocean, turn your summer house into a beach hut. Add a lick of pale blue paint and some beach chairs as your interior staples.

Take your beach theme one step further and set up a blow-up swimming pool outside your summerhouse or a sandpit for the children to enjoy.

Outdoor bar

Invite your friends round for a round of drinks without the rowdiness or price tag of the pub. Setting up a home bar in your summer house is ideal for those that love to socialise. Stock up on your friends favourite drinks, stock the freezer with ice, and don’t forget the packets of peanuts!

Zen Space

We all need somewhere to relax, and a summer house is a perfect location to do so. Create your Zen paradise at the end of your garden. Keep your decor simple and use your summer house as a studio for meditation or yoga.

Children’s/Teenager’s space

As our children grow, they start to need their own space. Unfortunately, your family home might not accommodate their needs. Or, you might feel like they’d benefit from a designated space of their own. Transform your summer house into an area for your children or teenagers to explore their independence.

 Bring the outdoors in

Plants and flowers are one of the most popular interior trends. Transform your summer house into a beautiful natural space with a mixture of vibrant blooming flowers and rich, luscious foliage.


Take inspiration from traditional prints and furnishings. Keep your decor classy and timeless with complementary colour schemes and matching furniture. A traditional summer house is practical, comfortable and will stand the test of time. 


If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, you might decide to use more contemporary interiors. Contemporary designs have subtle features without any fuss or frills. If you like your space to feel clean and simple, you’ll enjoy a contemporary summer house.


Fill your summer house with everything you love and make it the perfect she-shed. If you love pink and florals, why not run with this and create an ultra-girly outdoor space? Or if you prefer something more simple but suitable for enjoying your hobbies, keep the interiors basic yet practical. Create your dream space inside your summer house.

When it comes to summer house interiors and functions, the opportunities are endless. You might want to try several of the styles on this list, and you can! Create a hybrid beach hut and bar, or spend a few months enjoying your traditional space before upgrading it to something more modern. Have fun exploring the possibilities of your added outdoor space and make the most out of the extra room!

What Is A BBQ Hut?

Are you fed up with the weather ruining your summer plans? With a BBQ hut, you never have to worry about unpredictable weather again.

BBQs are a staple summer tradition in the UK. As soon as the sun starts shining, people begin planning BBQs with family and friends. And who can blame them? There’s nothing like crisp cooked corn or succulent burgers straight off the barbie and enjoyed in the sun. It’s even better if there’s a pint of cider or speciality cocktail thrown in the mix. Just thinking about it is causing me to crave summer.

However, I’ve also been subject to a few disappointing BBQ dates. After two weeks in the calendar, the unpredictable British weather decides to open the heavens and unleash lashings of unforecast rain. As a result, we stood around the kitchen table, solemnly waiting for twenty burgers to cook in the oven. Or, even worse, we’ve cancelled plans altogether. It’s in these moments I wish we had a BBQ hut.

What is a Barbecue hut?

A BBQ hut is a wooden hut designed for having BBQs in. At the centre of the hut is a grill, and around the outside are benches. Depending on the size of your BBQ hut, you might have plenty of room to entertain, or you might have to ask people to perch around the grill. When purchasing your BBQ hut, the manufacturer will tell you how many people can fit in your hut.

For an example of a twelve-person hut, click here. And to view a thirty-five-person hut, click here.

BBQ huts are a Scandinavian tradition and are used throughout the year in Finland. If the snow is passable in skis or snow shoes then the BBQ Hut will be used. At the top of the hut is a chimney to let the smoke from the grill through.

Why do I need a BBQ hut?

If you want to stop worrying about bad weather ruining your plans, you need a Barbeque hut. Having a BBQ hut provides you with somewhere warm and dry to cook delicious food and accommodate your guests. Not only is a BBQ hut ideal for summer, but you can enjoy eating somewhere new in the winter too. If you’re bored with sitting at the dining room table, why not enjoy a delicious meal around the grill with a glass of wine and a blanket on your knee?

Ordering your perfect BBQ hut

As with all outdoor spaces, personal preference dictates which BBQ is right for you. If you have a small family and a close group of friends, you might prefer a smaller BBQ hut, leaving you more space in your garden to enjoy the outdoors (when the nice weather sticks around!) Alternatively, you might be looking for an outdoor area that doubles up as an extra room. With a large BBQ hut, you can use the excess space. Pack away the grill and pull out a futon when you have guests. Or add a comfortable chair and a few of your favourite books to create a reading knock.

Before deciding on your BBQ hut, consider what purpose it’s going to serve in your family’s life. Alongside its function, you need to decide on the design of your hut. What colour roof shingles will you have? Do you have a preferred wood? And how will you decorate the inside? These are all questions to ask yourself before ordering your BBQ hut.

Having a BBQ hut transforms your social life and your garden! Say no to British weather ruining your fun, and enjoy year-round BBQs and celebrations with your loved ones in your BBQ hut!