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Everything you ever needed to know about our garden sheds…

As the seasons go by, its easy for things to get a little wild round the back. The fence might need a new coat of paint, the decking is looking worse for wear and the grass always seems to grow that much faster when you take your eyes off it. Its OK. It’s not too late to get your act together this summer.

We have been in business for over 20 years, supplying the country with high quality garden buildings that can be used for number of different things including, home offices, workshops, relaxing summerhouses and storage rooms. We are proud of the standards we uphold in the manufacturing process that allow us to display these luxurious buildings at such an affordable cost. But we have found that,  those looking to clean up their garden and throw all their old tools, kids toys and unused fishing rods out of the house, they might be best looking for a simple garden shed.


messy garden
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That’s why, even though we don’t manufacture them at the factory, we have always made an effort to have an independent display of standard garden sheds at our show-site. When looking for a a supplier, we knew how important it was to find a partner that held those same standards, and Albany Sheds ticked all those boxes

They have been manufacturing garden buildings for over 30 years and their longevity is a testament to their quality, adaptability and continuous work to offer excellent value for money.


albany shed site


Before the world decided to take up all of its holiday days at once, we had built up a healthy stock of Albany products including the popular 8′ X 6′ Norfolk Apex.  This an ideal size for most gardens as it is big enough to fit most of the aforementioned junk, yet its not big enough to look out of place. Its a traditional looking shed that will blend in to the surroundings well.

Norfolk Apex


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norfolk apex info



  • Tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
  • Fully framed and braced door with three hinges
  • Glass windows
  • Window section can be fitted on either side


(Sizes in stock 6 X 4, 7 X 5, 8 X 6)


*Sizes given are the closest approximate size in feet *


Suffolk Pent



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suffolk pent info

suffolk pent door postioning



  • Popular pent roof shed
  • Tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
  • Fully framed and braced door with three hinges
  • Glass windows
  • Available in numerous configurations

(No sizes in stock at the moment)


Major Apex


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major apex info



  • Extra heavy duty adaptable apex roof shed
  • Heavy duty sawn framework and roof purlins
  • Thicker than average tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
  • 300mm taller than our standard shed height
  • Taller door with heavy duty galvanised hinges
  • Glass windows
  • Rim lock and handle as standard on single doors

The main benefits of a Major Apex over a Norfolk apex is the thicker cladding (15mm), the 300mm in extra height above the door, the Superior framing and the heavy duty hinges. Its a big step up.

(No sizes in stock at the moment )


Major Pent



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Major pent info

major pent door postioning
Possible Door Positions




  • Extra heavy duty adaptable pent roof shed
  • Heavy duty sawn framework
  • Thicker than average tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
  • 150mm taller than our standard pent shed height
  • Taller door with heavy duty galvanised hinges
  • Glass windows
  • Rim lock and handle as standard on single doors
  • Available in sizes not listed


(No sizes in stock at the moment )

Sources – https://www.albanysheds.co.uk/index.html


There might not be any better time to get your house in order, and a big part of that is your garden. A good solid shed is the basis for maintaining some structure in that space, so if you are in a new build property or the old one up the back is about to fall to bits – have a look at our range and get in touch. While we may not be able to deliver or install at the moment, we are confident that as regulations ease in Scotland will be able to preform SAFE, contact free, supply sooner rather than later.

Watch this space for important news and updates – we will inform you all as soon as we are allowed back out on the road.


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Designing Your Own Bespoke Garden Building

A guide to your tailor-made experience purchasing a cabin with Logspan…

Getting abroad might be tough this year but that doesn’t mean your family can’t spend quality, bonding time together in the comfort of your own back garden.

Here at Logspan, we have array of unique garden buildings that can be used as studios / crafting rooms / home offices / workshops as well as garden bars and sitting rooms. We have been in business for over 20 years and host a spanning show site with over 30 + unique garden buildings.

We do it all, from 28mm, single skinned, single glazed summer rooms /summerhouses to the top of the range, 115mm double skinned, fully insulated home offices / full time residential standard buildings. It’s this variety that is the key to our customer service. It gives the customer choice, and that’s the freedom all creatives deserve when making improvements their home and garden.


Logspan header



When embarking on projects like this, it’s important that you get it right first time, so we set out to make sure that all of our units can be altered on almost every level to fit in with your required specifications.  We provide a bespoke log cabin design service that puts you in the drivers seat and gives you the freedom to design the cabin from the ground up.


Custom Cabins


You can adjust everything from overall size, height, roof style, door and window size and placement, wall thickness, levels of insulation –. Find more detailed information on anything mentioned here using the custom cabin section of the website.

The first thing you would need to consider is size. How much space do you have a available vs how much are you willing to use. In these initial stages its hard envisage how the cabin is going to look like in the garden. Many people find them selves intimidated when measuring up, as they are concerned by how much space is going to be lost after building, but the advantages of size and space will often outweigh trepidation. We have never heard a customer say , “I wish I’d bought a smaller log cabin”!


nida p mod website front page


Most of our customers then tend to focus on the thickness of the timber. Its probably the second biggest factor when shopping for log cabin because it has so much to do with the reason for getting one. You need to consider how much time you plan to spend in it, what are you going to use it for, what time of year are you going to use it most, is anyone going to be sleeping there? These are some of the first questions we would ask when speaking to an inquirer because, 28mm thick, single skinned walls just aren’t going to cut the mustard if you are planning on using it for over night rentals on sites like AirBnB or Booking.com.

Increasing the volume of timber is a great benefit as you are creating a structurally stronger product. The interlocking fitting of the wall corners is exceptionally tight and by increasing the overall thickness of each length, you are naturally insulating the cabin, which will keep in the heat and protect you from the elements.


wall thickness breakdown


For those that are building full time residential wooden structures, glamping cabins, home offices, outdoor classrooms , we recommend adding additional insulation, – first in the floor and roof, to regulate the temperature then looking at the walls.


Another reason people opt for a bespoke cabin is to have the freedom to choose where to feature their windows and doors.


“Double Glazed – with insulated glass units. Made from triple-layered glued-laminated timber. Windows come with an aluminium sill, to protect the frame from moisture. Equipped with high-quality “Roto” hinges. Silicon-rubber insulation is applied to protect against water leakage. The window trims can be either modern or feature decorative millwork (at the customer’s request).


double galzed window example
Double Glazed Windows


“Single Glazed” – with regular 4mm thick glass (without insulated glass units). Produced with double-layered laminated wood. Window trims are modern. Equipped with high-quality “Roto” hinges. ”  – https://www.logspan.com/windows 


single glazed windows
Single Glazed Windows


Maybe you have a south facing garden and at a certain point of the day the sun shines perfectly in a particular spot, you’d want to have a full length windows waiting there to take full advantage of the weather when we get it.

Choose the windows that speak to you and place them wherever you need them most.

How to design a bespoke cabin? 


So you should know a little more about some of the variable factors within the bespoke cabin range,  but you might be asking, how would I get this process started?


Bespoke cabin process


Our 1 to 1 communication with the manufactures, allows us to give you quick feedback on your sketch and begin creating a floor-plan to submitted for your approval. Once all parties are happy, you are only weeks away from actualizing these concepts in your own space. 

It’s through this simple process we are able to offer FREE quotations for anyone that gets in touch using the bespoke cabin inquiry form.


Shopping for a garden building can be difficult – its a big decision and a big commitment to make. Whatever you do is going to make permanent changes to your personal space, so don’t settle for just anything off the shelf, be your person, – its those personal touches make all the difference in bringing your cabin to life. So indulge a little and let your creativity flow by designing your own bespoke, garden building, today.


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You might also be entitled to an additional £50 off your order if you were recommended us from a friend. They will also be entitled to a £50 voucher so don’t miss out!


Refer a Friend _ Log Cabin _ BBQ Hut - Google Chrome 05_05_2020 14_20_20

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If you are interested in seeing some more examples, visit our Facebook / Instagram page and follow us for news, information and sales updates.




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Log Cabin – Focus on the Lilie Corner Panel House

Log Cabin
The Lilie range of panel houses is an elegant range if corner log cabins. As suggested the log cabin is constructed with prefabricated full height panels, which depending on the size of the building can differ in width. So this is a Flat Pack Cabin, an ingenious that likens this to an IKEA purchase, only simpler!
The panels are 45mm in width so are able to handle the weather extremes of the UK. Inside the Lilie its Summer, whatever the weather is outside.
Log Cabin Panel House
The styling of this cabin is really nice as it provides you with the maximum space inside along with an overhang at the front to give the cabin a little protection. Without the interlocking logs, the Lilie has a cleaner finish, allowing it to fit into a smaller garden.
Log Cabin Panel House
There is a choice of 10 different sizes along with many different window positions, all up to you depending on the location of the cabin and what you want to use it for!
Log Cabin Panel House
Some have used the larger sizes of this cabin as an outdoor classroom but the options are endless for this shape of the cabin.
Austin from Logspan Log Cabins


Log Cabin Focus – Ascot Chalet Log Cabin (T24 XL)

Today we will focus on the Ascot XL Log Cabin (6.5m x 7.0m), although it is really the Ascot Log Cabin on steroids. Both have the Swiss cottage feel from the from, with the same low roof, but the XL has an additional two bedrooms at the back of the chalet.

Log Cabin

The wall construction can be in 45mm or 60mm double tongue & groove or in 95mm triple tongue & groove logs. As is usual the logs are Northern Spruce. The Thicker log gives more natural insulation, therefore cost less for heating.

Log CabinThere is a gallery style kitchen area, large enough for two people to prepare a feast. A window to the side allows natural light to illuminate the worktops and a breakfast bar makes for an excellent kitchen pass.

Log CabinThis Log Cabin has a shower room, with window. Although the  eaves in this log cabin from the outside seem low there is plenty room inside for a corner shower cubital.

Then there are the two double sized bedrooms at the back of the lodge. Both can be the same size or you can increase the size of one has is the case here. Either way you have the makings of a great family weekend house.

Log Cabin Log Cabin

What happens if you don’t want a weekend house?

Well in that case you have the makings of a great office, or shop, or garden room with both man cave and she shed areas!

Still not convinced, well the high quality of the logs (with little or no finger joints) and only using the best of the timber makes this building premium. Yes, you’ll only get the best from us. So you can buy with confidence. The German fittings are the same standard as most of our chalets with double glazing, tilt & turn, windows throughout.

Log Cabin Log Cabin Log Cabin







Finally you can relax in the living room or enjoy dinning while watching the sun set on a beautiful day, you’ve earned it.






The Ascot XL Log Cabin starts at just £14,190 delivered. To find out more, visit our website (https://www.logspan.com/ascot-t24-xl-log-cabin.html) or call our sales team on 01389 734572, alternatively you can chat to an adviser via our website Chat or email us.


Specification – Ascot XL Log Cabin T24XLDG
Wall construction 45mm, 60mm double or 95mm triple tongue & groove interlocking logs
Base construction Tanalised bearers
Roof overhangHeight to EavesHeight to Ridge 1.00 m2.08 m3.03 m
Glazing High-Quality Double glazed units
Windows 6 x Tilt & Turn – 3 x 120/94cm 1 x 70/94cm
2 x 70/62cm
Doors 3 x 90/197cm – Solid Timber
1 x 70/197cm – Solid Timber
Roof & floorboards Heavy Duty 20 mm planed tongue & groove boards


Like all our LOG cabins, these can be fully customised to whatever ideas you have so when investing a substantial amount of money, it is important that you get it right first time. All cabins come with a treated base frame so this protects the bottom of the cabin but the rest of the timber MUST be treated as soon as possible. As wood is natural material; it expands, moves and contracts all the time so it is important that the timber is treated properly as soon as possible. It is worth treating inside cabins as well before you fit it out.