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Summer Holiday Cancelled? Go Glamping!

Felling down that your summer sun break has been put off this year? Why not take this opportunity to check out the country’s newest phenomenon and Go Glamping !

As the weather starts to improve, I find myself itching to book the annual summer break. Normally, like most of you, my first inclination is to find to somewhere with sun, beaches, pool side cocktails and and a local population that speaks as little English as I speak ancient Latin. This formula has worked well over the years and apart from all the inherent stresses of packing, arguing, getting ready to fly over the ocean in large metal bird, I’m usually happy for 2 – 3 days during the week away and am excited to do it again.
Unfortunately the way the winds blowing makes me doubt we’re going to be able to do that this year.

on the beach

But, hey, don’t worry, the situation seems to be getting better, albeit, inch by inch, but as things start to open up again we could still have the holiday we’ve been clamoring for, a little closer to home.

I understand that for many of you, the first reaction to hearing, ‘holiday at home’ is a dreary caravan / campsite, littered with crisp packets, empty cans of lager and drunken football fanatics. Or wild trekking in woods, with wet feet, wet trousers and a wet tent that never ends up looking like the one in the picture. But what if I told you there  countless, luxurious Glamping sites dotted all over the UK, that give you all the spiritual benefits of spending time outdoors, while enjoying all the familiar comforts of a night in a hotel.

What is glamping

” The word ‘glamping’ derives its name from Glamorous Camping, a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those usually associated with traditional camping.
Glamping is all about the ‘experience’. It’s about immersing yourself in your surroundings, taking great gulps of air, feeling the earth under your feet and dissolving away your daily stress. It’s about getting back to nature without getting back to basics. You won’t be living out of a rucksack and sleeping on the floor. No, Glamping is most definitely luxury camping.” – Credit

This movement has made travelling around our beautiful countryside, walks in the wilderness, BBQ’s and late nights under the stars accessible for everyone.

Our Finman Range has become one of most sought after, Luxury Glamping cabins on popular sites such as, Tripadvisor.com, because of the cosy, Tolkien esqe , hobbit- home appeal. Because of this,  camping / caravan / glamping sites, all over the UK are using, our products as alternatives, to traditional caravans or lodges, due to the versatility of the range and the bespoke nature of the order process.  The growth of the Glamping market has made, prices, per, night increase exponentially over the last 10 years leading to great returns on investments  – Finman Retreat Description

If you were thinking about buying to rent, visit the – ‘Stay in one of our products’ page on our website, to see our regularly updated map of the best places to spend the night in a Logspan cabin.

Here are some of our favorite examples of our customers who are already making an extra income with their beautiful holiday homes….

Skye Eco Bells

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Our friends Scott and Nadia host this picturesque highland retreat over in the North West of the Isle of Skye. Offering stunning sea views, and breath taking natural landscapes, you can truly immerse yourself in wonder and awe, staying in one of the most beautiful places on earth 

They live and work on site all year round, they battle the elements to make sure you can relax and find solocae in knowing you have someone watching your back as you enjoy the freedom of ‘off the grid living’.

They display 3,  17m2 Finman Sleeper Cabins, each uniquely named to engross you into the hidden village vibe. Each comes with an individual fire pit and access to the 2 acres of moorland and woodland gardens.

Each sleep up to 3 people, with a double and single bed, and have their own private barbecue area to relax and take the day at their own pace. Guests also have access to a shared equipped kitchen and dining area.

Walking and hiking can be enjoyed all throughout the island.

Find out more about how you can make a reservation, visit their pages on;



Scott and Nadia are very active on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook

The Nest Glamping with en suite

Located in the majestic, serene backdrop of Ardteatle , Dalmally in the Scottish Highlands, The Nest is offers that slice of serenity as you are dropped into a cosy Finman Retreat decorated with a large double bed, microwave, mini fridge, kettle, toilet, hand basin, and shower.

Thrive in the natural beauty of the highlands.

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” The area has zero light pollution and gives guests the opportunity to get away from their busy lives and relish the local wildlife and magnificent views. ” – Booking.com

A star gazers dream.

the nest glamping

” The Nest overlooks stunning scenery in a secluded spot 2 miles from Dalmally, 15 miles from Tyndrum and 40 mins from Oban. A great stopping off point if you are visiting the islands ” – Booking.com

This location makes it an ideal, weekend / short- stay, getaway for 2. You have great flexibility here at Dalmally as you have access to shops and restaurants within a short drive, or the ability to cook your own food using the BBQ facilities made available on the campsite

If you are interested in finding out more – check them out on AirBNB, Booking.com and TripAdvisor

Moorcroft Holidays

” Moorcroft Holidays is a family run campsite situated on a working croft 1 mile south of Carinish village, North Uist on the main road, A865, through the Southern Isles.

The site is positioned overlooking a tidal bay with views of the neighbouring island of Benbecula and also the hills of South Uist.

Ideally located for shoreline and moorland walks with several places of historical interest close by with easy access to public transport. ” – Credit

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A stunning, silent retreat, in the most beautiful country on earth.

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” Our Hobbit Homes are positioned to enjoy the spectacular views from the campsite. They are equipped with 2 futons, table & chairs, fridge, microwave, kettle, kitchen utensils and complimentary tea & coffee. ” – Credit

I don’t think I’m the only one that want’s to escape and self-isolate in the quaint calmness of North Uist right about now.

They are currently closed until further notice, but you can follow them on Facebook for news and updates and can make a reservation through Trip Advisor.

The Riverside Inn at Aymestry

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” The Riverside Inn is set deep in the countryside of Herefordshire, yet still close to Ludlow and Hereford. Authentic and atmospheric, this 16th century black and white building is surrounded by the natural beauty of the River Lugg.

Inside The Riverside Inn bar and restaurant, the surrounds are unspoiled and unchanged, with log fires, candles, hops and pine. Hopefully you will find the atmosphere soothing, relaxing and informal. ” – Credit

This gorgeous hotel and restaurant has three, perfect 5m Finman Retreats, available for bookings all throughout the year.

With competitive prices and an award winning kitchen, there are few better places to enjoy the peace and serenity of our beautiful country.

Certain services are unavailable for obvious reasons but they still remain open by offering a takeaway service for locals.

They post regular updates and offers on their Facebook page.

Find out how you can book your stay on Tripadvisor

I, like you are getting pretty fed up with this ”New Normal” and am missing some of my familiar comforts, like all- inclusive holidays and mini bottles of gin but somethings in life are more important. These are unprecedented times and as regulations start to lax, we must still remember the dangers are still ever present. Enjoy time away, enjoy the luxury, enjoy the tranquility, but please stay close to home.

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Designing Your Own Bespoke Garden Building

A guide to your tailor-made experience purchasing a cabin with Logspan…

Getting abroad might be tough this year but that doesn’t mean your family can’t spend quality, bonding time together in the comfort of your own back garden.

Here at Logspan, we have array of unique garden buildings that can be used as studios / crafting rooms / home offices / workshops as well as garden bars and sitting rooms. We have been in business for over 20 years and host a spanning show site with over 30 + unique garden buildings.

We do it all, from 28mm, single skinned, single glazed summer rooms /summerhouses to the top of the range, 115mm double skinned, fully insulated home offices / full time residential standard buildings. It’s this variety that is the key to our customer service. It gives the customer choice, and that’s the freedom all creatives deserve when making improvements their home and garden.


Logspan header



When embarking on projects like this, it’s important that you get it right first time, so we set out to make sure that all of our units can be altered on almost every level to fit in with your required specifications.  We provide a bespoke log cabin design service that puts you in the drivers seat and gives you the freedom to design the cabin from the ground up.


Custom Cabins


You can adjust everything from overall size, height, roof style, door and window size and placement, wall thickness, levels of insulation –. Find more detailed information on anything mentioned here using the custom cabin section of the website.

The first thing you would need to consider is size. How much space do you have a available vs how much are you willing to use. In these initial stages its hard envisage how the cabin is going to look like in the garden. Many people find them selves intimidated when measuring up, as they are concerned by how much space is going to be lost after building, but the advantages of size and space will often outweigh trepidation. We have never heard a customer say , “I wish I’d bought a smaller log cabin”!


nida p mod website front page


Most of our customers then tend to focus on the thickness of the timber. Its probably the second biggest factor when shopping for log cabin because it has so much to do with the reason for getting one. You need to consider how much time you plan to spend in it, what are you going to use it for, what time of year are you going to use it most, is anyone going to be sleeping there? These are some of the first questions we would ask when speaking to an inquirer because, 28mm thick, single skinned walls just aren’t going to cut the mustard if you are planning on using it for over night rentals on sites like AirBnB or Booking.com.

Increasing the volume of timber is a great benefit as you are creating a structurally stronger product. The interlocking fitting of the wall corners is exceptionally tight and by increasing the overall thickness of each length, you are naturally insulating the cabin, which will keep in the heat and protect you from the elements.


wall thickness breakdown


For those that are building full time residential wooden structures, glamping cabins, home offices, outdoor classrooms , we recommend adding additional insulation, – first in the floor and roof, to regulate the temperature then looking at the walls.


Another reason people opt for a bespoke cabin is to have the freedom to choose where to feature their windows and doors.


“Double Glazed – with insulated glass units. Made from triple-layered glued-laminated timber. Windows come with an aluminium sill, to protect the frame from moisture. Equipped with high-quality “Roto” hinges. Silicon-rubber insulation is applied to protect against water leakage. The window trims can be either modern or feature decorative millwork (at the customer’s request).


double galzed window example
Double Glazed Windows


“Single Glazed” – with regular 4mm thick glass (without insulated glass units). Produced with double-layered laminated wood. Window trims are modern. Equipped with high-quality “Roto” hinges. ”  – https://www.logspan.com/windows 


single glazed windows
Single Glazed Windows


Maybe you have a south facing garden and at a certain point of the day the sun shines perfectly in a particular spot, you’d want to have a full length windows waiting there to take full advantage of the weather when we get it.

Choose the windows that speak to you and place them wherever you need them most.

How to design a bespoke cabin? 


So you should know a little more about some of the variable factors within the bespoke cabin range,  but you might be asking, how would I get this process started?


Bespoke cabin process


Our 1 to 1 communication with the manufactures, allows us to give you quick feedback on your sketch and begin creating a floor-plan to submitted for your approval. Once all parties are happy, you are only weeks away from actualizing these concepts in your own space. 

It’s through this simple process we are able to offer FREE quotations for anyone that gets in touch using the bespoke cabin inquiry form.


Shopping for a garden building can be difficult – its a big decision and a big commitment to make. Whatever you do is going to make permanent changes to your personal space, so don’t settle for just anything off the shelf, be your person, – its those personal touches make all the difference in bringing your cabin to life. So indulge a little and let your creativity flow by designing your own bespoke, garden building, today.


Don’t forget to claim £50 off your first order over £1000 when you sign up for news & updates on the homepage

You might also be entitled to an additional £50 off your order if you were recommended us from a friend. They will also be entitled to a £50 voucher so don’t miss out!


Refer a Friend _ Log Cabin _ BBQ Hut - Google Chrome 05_05_2020 14_20_20

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If you are interested in seeing some more examples, visit our Facebook / Instagram page and follow us for news, information and sales updates.




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